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ARGUS BULLETIN ! WANTED 2000 H&fe SUBSCRIBEHS WANTED. Moro Merchants mui Biuiness men, who knowing their wn interests will adrertise in the Aaous. OET YOUE BILL-HEAD8, 0IRCULAB8, LETTER-HEAD8, STATEMENTS, At the Argus Office. GET YOUR BALL CARD8, BU8INE88 CARD3, VISITING CARD8, WEDDING CARDS, At the Argus Office. GET YOUR LAW BLANK8, LAW BRIEP8, LAW RECORDS, PROGRAMMES, AT THE AROÜS OFFICF. New Type, Best Presses, Good Worknit-n. AND REASONABLE PRICES ! fW A WOED TO THE WISE. Commissioners' Notice. orATE OPMICHIOAN.couiityof Waditena O Th. ondertigned, haring been appomted by Probate Courtforsaid county, Commisaioner te ceiT, examine, ni adjuat allolaim anddemand all porton against the estáte of Luuij ï late of aid oounty, aeoeaied, hereby inve „„ thtsix monthsfrom date are alloired, Sy orde ald Probato Court, for creditorsto presen ttheir cl agatnat the estáte of said deceaaed, nd that ther ■ meet at the Probate Oliice, in the city of i Arbor, in said county, on Tuesdav, the i day of October, and ou Wednesday, the s day of January next. at ten o'clock a m of e of iaid days, to receive, examine, and adiust i olaima. J ' Dated, Julyfitb, A.D. 1874. ARETU8 DÜXN FKANKLIM CATE now4 Commissiuner JTROM HEADQÜARtTrsT THE POSTOFFICE QUESTION SETTLED AT LAST. BEAL IS BEATEN BY TnE ARBOR AGR1CULTUS1AL Cl Who annnunce to thcir ('nsininri that thcyi 11 Full Trimtued Watons. Wwranted loTQjaey at$7.rt, inoluding II extras, % Tire. purc bén Whittitrees. IStckyokPs. ard top base; Tt&i to be for Cash, und to be opon tor lliiny Uays. , FL'LL TRIÏITli:i) PMWS, 10 DOLURS. Farmers, if you wüh to supply yourselves &: isthetime forcaeh. All puods wtirmnted, nyj licle in our line equally low We aro never uucf aold. We are gettii);; on a lull etuok of REAPERS AND MÖWEEi of the Johnston Patent, wliich we offer equally ] and we will put up f 1, OOthat Ih Knp ia the best, cheapeHt nd fiifieft woikinti ctmbm lleaper aod Mower in theU. f. of Ameiicu. The old reh.-ibii Renperfi too well kitown trreqüu any backinï, it ia aumitted bj uil tlmt il i iLi k Reaper in the Union. We would nl?o sny ihnt in 8ell all our goods for Onsh at lower Hl'ui'im tl.ani eau be bought elsewhere, and evt ry nrticle "W JJÜFU-JSJ-T ED to suit puichaser or do sale. Caü Beore You Biiy and iuve Tour Muney. A. A. AGIU ULIl IÍALCO 1477m3 3F".A333R.XC ROOFIPIGi THIS ROOFING IS DURABLE AND WATO PROOF ; VERY FLEXIBLE ; FAE BETTEB THAN ZINOTOSTOP LEAKS AEOUHD CHIMNEYS ANIj CON.vELÏIOaiBBTWEKN WOOD and BRK'K. This Roofing has been in nse fiie years and is the best in use ! ROOFING PAINT! This paint will preserve shinglpri roofs nu indffiB period, and is equally adnpteu to tin or ron ruuís It is flre and water proof! This paint wil] be put on by the Company 01 soldij the gallon, with instructions how to npplj' tlie saii & No Caal Tar is used in cltber. We solicit the public patronage. All work wíl l wananted. AH Communications should be addreaeed tothe HUTCHINS ROOFINti (0 P. O. Box 222, AHH ARBOR, MICHIGAS Residence 43 South Thayer Btreet. 1-Í7S1Í CIVEN A WA Y IF IT WIU NOT INSTANTLY RELIEVE I Neuralgia, M &SÏÏT '■ g: B ü WILL KILL The worst cough In qulcker time tl" any other preparatlon In tho world. We wlll wlll refunct the moneylfwed notglve Immedlate relief. SOLD EVERVWHERE. i ONLY HARMLESS DYE. Acta llke tho moSi a charm ! JK k natural Neverfalls fi$ ak shados to H of Brovvn ly produce S or Black BY ONE APPLiCATlON. 'T'AKE NOTICE. I have this day employed Mr. Clark, who, I past 20 years has had charge of the Ccoïv Barn, and Farmers or others w),o wish Iheil 01:f! fed and watered uccording to orderB. at reiif1!1" riite, wlll flnd the ' ld RelmMe " at the .Umu:w Livery Stable, Cor. Humn and Second stieets. Ann Arbor, May 14, 1874. ■)■ V. GREGOIiY.JWl T WELLING HOUSES avB SA AUrgeandvery wcll built briek house witIlJJd or more lots. Two lare iramed houseB. Alsoftj iied brick house tiud t'rumed huus ; and H Ia 'rame house on a good lot intended lor addin? ö 'n 'or sale on fair terms and a reusouable credit. Also other buikliugs, lots, and property. MOJIEÏ WANTED - So many wiH"8 ' 'J orrma money applj to me thHt I oan readilj" 0Dll, or Undtri good atisiaotory ioTcttmenta at 19U ' ï.w.HOBUAir. Ana Arbor. AprH SS. 187. M111


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