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Honesty Or Dishonesty

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The drift of things in the South, wlierc the States seem to be organizing iuto twu parties, white men vs. negroes, was perhaps inevitable. These olections devolop the fact vory sharply. North Carolina and TennesBoe set examplos that will be followed. One striking fact must se even the itaunchest partisan Rapublicai a-thiuking. The States of tho Souti that have been fortúnate enough to kee] out of the clutches of tho party of Gran and Congress are iniiueasurably bettt: off to-day, under Democratie manago ment, than the unhappy States in wliioh Radicalism bears sway. Look at Vir ginia, Georgia, Texas. No word of oom plaint arises of robbery and plunder bj the State officials in eithr of these States. We do not learn that their credit is ruined, that they are hopelossly bankrupt, that their respective debts havu been quadrupled in eight yoais, that their governors and State troasurers connive with openly-purchasablo legislatures for the enactment of lawa for thoir own ndowmont of a plundered and sufferiiig people whose last dollar is demanded, and are abandoning their plnntations and fleeing to other States. Wo hear of no fraudulent issue of State bonds for pretended railway and other speculative interests in those States ; no proceedings looking to impeachment, as in plundored Florida and sorae other long-sufturing coniuiunities. On the conttary, the tondenoy seems to be, uuder L)emocratic rule in the South, to rostoro soraething like retrenchment, econouiy, and a fair and honest administration of affairs. Not one Democratie Governor that we have heard of bas over forgeil a law and placed it among tho laws actually enacted by the logislature, in order to favor his plan of euriohing himself by the sale of State lands. Not ono of these now Democratie States has lost any other than a Kepublican Governor by the act of personal flight, uridertaken for personal self-preservation. Not one of them isjustly chargeable, as every Southern Kepublican State is, with an increasc of its debt and taxes in tiino of poace. Now Congress and tho President have steadily upheld tho robbers of tho South. Plundering rulera like the (iovernors of South Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana, aro, or hayo been, upheld, if necessary, by foroe of government anus - upheld in any and all ways to prevent tho people froui having their own way. Elections, in those States, for eight, years have been a farce. The rulo of negro government and a goverumont of mixed material composed of native negroes and white carpet-baggers, has so fastened itself upon the very vitáis of the Southern people that only desperate raeasurea promise any relief. The división of partios is at last as i t is, and tho line is like that of tho Couneoticut State prison convict'a pantaloons - a straight división botween black and white. Only, in the case of the Southarn people, it does mean une thing more. It means, practically, a line between honesty and dishonesty, as well as the detnarcation of colors. Not that every Southorn voter on the side of Graat and Congress is dishonost, for many of the negroes no doubt are honest, though terribly deceived and deluded. Some of thein are bad men, as well as ignorant, and mean inisohief. But their white allies, whut few they have, are, as u das, not honest men. So the line broadmw aml deepens. Who ia to blame for it 'i Who have honestly striven to prevent it? Not the party which is at all points meeting its final overthrow in the South. IInrtford limes.


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