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Pbiladelphia has purged horself, and fancies she is clean. One hundred and forty thousand houses, according to her own census, dotting a vast rea, f'roui League Island to Chestnut Hill, from Hestonville to the Delaware, havo been searched, from turret to foundation-stone, from garret to coal-bin, and no trace of the missing chiid is found. Eittenhouse square, redolent of refinement, did not resist, and Bedford street, accustomed to such processes, acquiesced. The search, like classical Beath, knocked at the ' tais of the rich and the cabins of the poor. All had to assent. The palatial abode of the Attorney was rummaged and naught was found, not even the District-Attorney. Banks and safe deposit companies were searched in vain, Ñothing of value was there. The Pennsylvania Railroad Company reluctantly exhibited its broken guarantees and doubtful leases, but the boy was not. A dark suspicion clouded the Centennial Commission that possibly the Germantown child might be reserved for exhibition as a curiosity in 1870, and Mr. Goshorn was called on to explain. AU is in vain - the result, as demonstrated by the pólice, being that the poor child is not in Pbiladelphia. What next ? Are there not other worlds to conquer, other communities to search ? The sagacious Stokley has, no doubt, his eye on Norristowu and Doylestown, across the border, and, transversely, on Canidenand aguish Burlington, and Woodbury and Haddonfield., Nay, why not New York? We should be delighted to welcome here the decrepit pólice of Philadelphia and put them in communication with those who did not discover the Nathan niurderers. This is the groteeque aspect of the affair which Philadelphia folly torces upon us. But it has its serious, awful aspect, too, which seems to rebuke all levity. A stolen child, a broken-spirited father, and as we learn, a slowly dying mother ! It is difficult to measure these horrors. If to the six weeks which have elapsed since this little fellow was torn from his niothei's Bide be added as many more, time and evil association will be doing their work on tho impressionable mind of iufancy, and he will begin to forget father and mother and brother and home, and to be broken into and enjoy tho companionship of crime ! It is too dreadful to think of, and yet if these not improbable horrors are not refurred to, Philadelphia, her pólice and her press, will sink into a deeper apathy than e.ver, and the lost


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