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The Opportunity In Michigan

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The Bay City Leader says : So favorable an opportuiiity for the Democraoy to carry the election in this State has iiot occurred siuce tbe formation of the Itepublicp.n party. The people hava become. thoroughly disgusted with the thieving and robbery of the party in power, and honest Kepublicans all over the State aro expressing a desiro for a-ohange of admiuistration, both national and State. They expresa themseives as strongly opposed to the undeniable and glariiig oorruption of the Kepublicau party, and they are willing to adopt any measures for a change. Of oourse the office holders-will stick ; but the time has passed when they can manipúlate things to suit themselvee. The only uecessary tiiing for the Demoeracy to do to insure success is to nomínate honest and upright men for State, county and municipal offices, Hiut aucoess ia assured. The elections in tho Southern States showed beyond question that the peoplo aro determinad to bust the party iu power. Tho Demoeracy made largo gains evorywhere, and in North Carolina swept everything befora them, eiecting seven out of ight, Congressmen. Let the Demoeracy go to wmk, orgaui.e thoroughly, canvass cvery election precinct, and tínally nmko good nominations, and not only this county but tho hitherto banner Republican Stato of Michigan can be couiited as against corruption, backpay stealing, Credit; Mobüior frauda, ind Kepublicau misrule.


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