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Timely Regrets

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-Several hundrud L■ in persons attended the funeral of a tame bear near Boston a few days ago. Au iuvitation to be present was sent to the Autocrat of the Breakfust ïable, who responded as follows : " Deae Sir :- Many thanks for your polite iuvitation to attend the obsequies of tho lamented plautigrade. I aui sorry that it will not be iu iny power to be present pon tl e melaiicholy occi.son. I have a great respect for bears sineo thoso two teníalo ones taught the little children of Bethel aud of Belial that they must not be rude to elderly persons. I think a loóse bear or two might be of service in our community, and I regret ïuuch the loss of an animal who might have done so rnuch as a moral teacher for the younoof this city aud its suburbs. I am, dear sir, youi'B very truly, " O. W. Holmes."


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