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The Kalamazoo Telegraph Strikes A

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olow at the lmmmigrant Agency pystcm, and calis for the recalL of Commissioaer Allaedt, nowonduty ïn Gormany. The Tdegraph says : "Hundreds of able-tjodied men, who were rèady to turn their hands to any employment they might find, werc supported in our couuty poor huuses last winter, aud hundreds more will be i supported next. We have alrcady too inany laborera fov tho -work we havo to do, and the iitunigratioa oL others would but uuliance th eufferings of thnse who aro already here. This was realized last winter by the poor people wlio had beau induced to lfiave comfortable homes in the old uountry fur what they suppused would be botter homes here. Thousands of tho6e who could nfford it made their way back, while thíjSQ who could not rcmained hore to iie sujported by public cliarity. We have a law vrhich lsrmiis the animal expenditure of $9,000 fur a. jmrposo with which the State ought not to meddle, and, even if it ought onder some circumstances, for a purpose which, bhould it be followed by the immigration of laborers in nny considerable numbor, would rcsult simpiy in poverty aml misery for tbose who come and for those who are alresdy here, au well as m large additions to the amounts expendoMÍ by the public for the support of paupers." We fully agreo with tho Telegrafh in its quotcd cxpressious. Wu go further, and say that if cvor an Immigrant Agency was nccessary that time has gonu by. We would not cloijo our ports or our doors agaiust foreigners of whatever tjf wiiu vuiuuianiy seeK our suores, and como prepared to labor and maintain theiuselves and families. But there has boen for years a disposition to invito iuimigrants in advance of tlie noed tor tliem, and faster thiiu they could be worked over into American citizens. Pursuant to this disposition, and with a solé desire to increase thoir census rolla, State has vied with State in offering iuducements, to colonios and masses, which are now proved to be unwise. And agenta both of our States aud of foreign States - the foriner to make a show of enterprise and sucoess in their work, and the latter to rid their kingdoms, or duchies, or provinces, etc, of the pauper and criminal classes - havo sent over shipload after shipioad of men and wonen with no intelligent desire to chauge, and who came because they had been misled or because their passage was paid. Those who come voluntarily, from the exercise of their own intelligence or because of tho solicitation of' frieuds here, come with more or less means to make them new homes in the West; but those sent by tho agencies aie not generally of this class, while tbe agents must wink at tho forcible deportations referred to. It is time to cali home our agenta, aud also to givo sharp notice to foreign rulors of whatever title that they must provide for their pauper and criminal classes at home. üur foresls and prairies can wait for settltMiient without detriment, and a normal and healthy growth is lauch better than the growth which has been our boaut. The long waited for statement ut' HeNRY Waed Beecher was made and given to thu public the latter part of last week. It traversed all the charges made by TiLTOÏT, fully and frankly, denying all criininality witU Mrs. TlLTON, explaining letters, eircumstances, and surroundings. Tho impression is quito goueral that Mr. Beechek has provod himself innoceut of the charges brought against him, and at the sumo timo that he has exhibited a terrible weakness and allowed hiinselt' to bo slaudered and blackuiailod i'or thu benefit of T. T. We conour in auoh oonolusionu. - It is 'proper to say, however, that Mottltox proj)oses another statement in his own defense, and that ïiltox throateus suit agaiust BüSCHEK. It is time for the dailiea to drop the disgusting sonsa tion. Sl'JSAKEK Bl.VINK, CougrcSSllJilU (sunin-law) Hale, and their political followers in New England, Ponnsylvania, and Michigan !oppose the reoiprocity ticaty because the interest of home manufacturers and producers will be sacrificed to feed the pauper laborere of Canada. On tbe other hand the Canadian manufacturera are equally opposed to it, and for thu avowed reason that if ratified the American, manufacturers of machinury. woolen fabrics, boots and shoes, and perhaps of lumber, shingle, and salt, will tako posscssion of the Canadian iuarketo and starvo out tho Canadian operativos. "What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander" is the most applicable proverb we know of. But, can anything more effectually exposé the fallacy of proteo tion.


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