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Washington, August 14.- The August returns to the Department of Agriculture from New Eugalnd show a general improvement in the corn erop during July, though it is still backward. Maine averages 62 per cent. of a full erop ; New Hampshire, 98 ; Vennont, 87 ; Massachusetts, 101 ; Ehode Island, 100 ; Connectieutt, 107. It is very promising in porfions of the Middle States, but in other parts it was injured either by drought or excessive rain. A decline is noted in New York, where the average is 94, and in New Jersey 91. Pennsylvania and Delaware have both rigen to 1 per cont. above the average. Of the South Atlantic States Maryland shows 9G per cent. with the erop damaged by drought, especially on stift' soils ; Virginia, 90, also damaged from the same cause and from insect ravages ; North Carolina, 91 ; a loss of one per cent; South Carolina and Georgia have risen to 10 per cent. above the average. Florida (102) maintaius her July average. Texas declines from 106 to 102. The other Gulf States show enhanced averages, as folio ws : Alabania, 107; Mississippi, 95 ; Louisiana, 77. The last-named is partially rocovering from the effects of the freshets. Some insect injuries are reported. Of the Southern inland States, Arkansas 85, and Kentucky 80, show some improvement, while Tennessee 70, and West Virginia 82, indícate the continuance of unfavorable couditions. These low averages are accounted for by severe and extensivo drought. North of the Ohio River all the States show a depressed condition from drought and insect injuries. Chinch bugs were active, in Illinois, and grasshoppers in severa! counties of Wisconsin. The State averages are as follows : Ohio, 93 per cent ; Michigan 98 ; Indiana, 106 ; Illinois, 80 ; Wisconsin, 08. West of the Mississippi Eiver the ravages of' grasshoppers and chinch bngs have been severely feit in some counties, in some cases sweeping all the sunimer crops. It is very remaikable that in Minnesota, where local injuries havo specially occupied public attention, the high state of the erop in counties not affected by the pests has raised the erop to a full average. AU the othor States, show a decline as follows : Kansas, 102 to 70; Nebraska, 109 to 42. In the last nained State every county reports severe injuries from grasshoppers. On tho Pacific coast, California has raisod her average from 99 to 103. Oregou depressed hers from 103 to 100. The Norwich Bulletin says : " J. G. Cooley proposes to convert Lis house and ' Middle House ' farm of 250 acres at North Franklin into a home for indigent and disabled printers. He will expect them to work as much as they are able, and, in return, will fetjd and clothe them and give them a decent burial. As he can't take everybody that will be likely to apply, he will givo a preference to those who have completed a regular apprenticeship, and then attained to editorial work. He has a pleasant place for such a purpose, and bis house contains oue of the best private libraries in the State. The house can probably accommodate about 5U persons. Mr. Cooley is an old printer and was formerly proprietor of the Norwich Courier, which doubtless accounts for his interest in the craft."


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