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Another Niagara Bridge

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Kurveys are quietiy proceeaing iipon Grand Island tor another international railroad bridge! The company was char-, tered this spring, both in the Dominion Parliament and the American Uongress, and already capitalista have been induced to oo-operate and engineers been set to work. The bridge is being built in the interest of' the Canadian Southern, whose managers complain that not only is the international bridge unacceptable on account of its single track, but that the City of Buffalo, through which trains can only be run at the rate of six miles an hour, is a serious obstaole in the way of railroad traffic. Henee they feel themselves corupelled to " go round" Buffalo. The Grand Island bridge will have a doublé track, also a doublé carriage way. It will cross the Western International branch of the Niágara River just below Black Creok, to which a short line will be built from Stevensville ; then run along Grand Island a distance of about seven miles, and cross the Eastern American branch to the mainland near Tonawanda, there connecting with the Erie and Central. The situation is an exceedingly favorable one, the water being only twenty feet deep, and the cnrrent one and onehalf miles an hour, as against a current of trom eight to twelve at Buffalo. The bridge will be flniohed in August, 1875, and an important saving of time will, it is confidently auticipated, ensue from ita construction. The New York Commercial : " Herodotus, my son, what time is it P" iuquirec Mr. Spilkins of his son, who has jus come home from college. "Well, fath er," replied the youth, pulling out hi watch, " let x represent 11 o'clock, and ; equal ten minutes, and x - 2y is the an swer." Spilkins pondered for a momen and then said he thought it must b about bed-time. We find the following item in an Illin ois paper : " Mr. , who ha been i retirement for a few weeks after marryia and burymg three sisters, carne up smi ingly again to-the altar yesterday, hav ■ ng begun on a new family."


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