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The September magazines are coming to our table, the forerunner of an autumn near at hand, We have : Tho Atlantic Monlhly, iueluiing in its table of contents the followiug : W. D. Howell's now novel, A Foregone Conclusión, chapa, vii.-ix.; Who Was She, by Bayard Taylor ; The Lady of Little Fishing, by Miss Woolsou. Tliese in fiction. In travel and adventure there are : Up the Grand Canal in China; Pescaglia; The Home of a Mad Artist, by J. J. Jarves ; Coney Island (and not comphmentary in excess) by Charles Dawaon Shanley; A Eebel's Eecoliectiona, in which Geo. Cary Eggleston tells of the paper money issues of the Confederacy, and whioh tale ought to be a warning to the inflationists of to-day. The Moon, by Prof. N. S. Shaler, and Birds of 111 Omen, by Alexander Young, come under the head of Science and Superstïtion. There aro poems by Lucy Larcom, W. W. Young, W. W. Harney, Edgar Fawoett, and Miss L. B. Moore; a critical article on The Novel and its Future, by G. P. Lathrop, with readable Book and Art notices, etc. H. O. Houghton Ss Co., Boston. Scribner's Monthly abounds in good things Edward King continúes his wanderings through tha " Great South," thi time in Alabama and Mississippi ; Katherine Earle, by Adeline Trafton, is continued ; also The Mystorious Island by Jules Verne. Among the new artioles are . Our New Normal College (N. Y.), with a view of the building, by James Richardson ; A Malay Sailor Running a Muck, by Augustus Locher; Wan Lee, the Pagan, by Biet Harte ; Mellow England, by John Burroughs ; Philip's Friend Kate, by James T. McKay; Mortality Puffs, by Miss Hopkins ; Peter, the Parson, by Constance Fennimore Woolsou ; and Ordronnaux, part I., Harriet Prescott Spofford. There are poems by B. ï'. Taylor, " Old Time Music- in the Barn,' illus., Nora Perry, S. W. Duffield, and J. V. C. The editorial departiuents are well filled. Scribseb & Co., 654 Broadway, N. Y. - St. Nicholas captivates its readers both with pictures and test. The most noticeable papersj are, perhaps : The Gentle Angel, by Paul Fort . The Antelope or Proñg-horn, by Oliver Howard ; Ho.w the Little Boy Went to Sea, (poem), by Henry Howland ; What might have been Expected, "chaps. XXVI.-XXIX., by Frank K. Stockton ; The Cheated Mosquitoes (poem), by Clara Doty Bates ; The Pony Express, by Major Traverse ; Jim Crow, by Annabel Lee ; Fast Friends, chaps. XXXL- XXXV., byJ. T.Trowbridge ; Fifty Pounds Keward, by Donald G. Mitchell ; Old Dutch Times in New York, by T. W. Higginson ; and Little Ben and the Sunshiue, by Kate Bloede. But why enumérate. Get it and you will reíd it as well as the faniily youngsters. Sceibitee & Co., New York. - Godey's Lady's Book has " The Mother's oy," a beautiful seel plate ; colored and plain ashion plates, with working plates, patterus, nd directions ; seasonable recipes, and a readble " Editor's table ;" besides stories Marión arland, Caroline Orne, H. V. Dumont, Mrs. Ana Clarke Adams.Mrs. Mar}' E. Nealy,Luey Ranolph, S. Annie Frost, and others. L. A. Godet, hiladelphia.


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