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The Influence Of Free Love Doctrines

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From the Boston Globe. Another lesson, we trust, will be earued frqm this deplorable history nd deeply impressed on the public mind, ml that is the utter and unmitigated mischievousness of what are called " free ove doctrines." They seeui to have runed one cf the brightest and most promsing lives in this country. But tor tamering with them and giving way to heir insidious and damning influence, 'heodore Tilton niigbt, to-day have been ïappy in his family and in the beat of ociety, eminent and admired in literalure and prosperous in all worldly advantages and prospects. They have shipwrecked his moráis, his intellect, and his ïopes of a high place in the world's reard, and he will be left blighted and niserable, if not infamous. They seem o have infected Mr. Moulton and comromised his character and standing, for n uo other supposition can his course je explained ; and Mr. Beecher, by not etting his face against them and resist ug and denouncing the approach of anyhing in their guise or in any way connected with them, found hiinself wound about by the slimy meshes of their diaolical webs. When they take possession of the mind, all moral principie seems to eave it, and noone can have anything to do with those so possessed, or allow them o have anything whateyer to do witb lini, with safety to bis character and reputation. This lesson should be especally taken home by those who cali themselves the advocates of reform for the Denefit of the social and political standng of women. All there is that is honest and honorable in their purposes has Deen sadly compromised by association with these iniquitous doctrines, and the revelations of this famous case will do them an injury from which they can hardly recover. These are only a few of the multitudinous considerations rising out of this case which show the deplorable effect of dealing with scandal and scandal mongers. Economical. - A good way to clean black gloves that are soiled, turned white and otherwiae injured, is to take a teaspooaful of salad oil, drop a few drops of ink in it, and rub it over the gloves with the tip of a feather ; then let them dry in the sun. Black kid boots and slippors can be restored to their original gloss by this method. " Papa, do you think Beech - ," " Hush, Johnnie." "But, papa, don't you think Beech - " " Didn't you hear me teil you to stop your noise, sir ? I won't have you talking about these things. Go in and get your face washed." And Johnnie, with tears in his eyes, wants to know why papa won't teil him whether becehnuta are ripe.


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