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Taming The Humming-bird

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The ruby-uiroat has somotimes boen tamed. Mr. Wobbor, in his "Wild Scènes and Song Birds," says, after several unsuccossful attempt, at last " I succeeded in securing an uninjured oaptive, whicli, to uiy inoxpressible delight, proved to be one of the ruby-throated species, tho inost gplendid and diminutivo, that comes nortli of Florida. It imroediatoly suggestod itself to ui e that a mixture of two parta of loaf-sugar, with one of fine honey, in ten of water, would iuako about the nearest approach to the nectar of rlowers. While uiy sister ran to prepare it, I gradually opened my hand to look at uiy prisoner, and saw to my no little amusement as well as suspicion, that it was actually ' playing 'possum' - foigning to be dead most skillfully. It lay on my open palm inotionless for sorue minutes, during which I watched it in breathless euriosity. I saw it gradually open its bright little eyes to peep whether the way was clear, audthen closo thein slowly as it caught niy eyo upon it. But wben tho manufactured nectar carne, and a drop was touched upon the point of its bill, it name to life very suddenly, and, in a moment, was on its legs, drinking with eager gusto of the refreshing draught, from a silver teaspoon. When sated it refused to tako any more, and satperched with thu coolest self coinposuro on my fingcr, and plumed itself quite as artistieally as if on its favorito spray. 1 was euchantcd with the bold, innocent confidence with which it turned up its keen black eyea to survey us, as much as to say, ' Well, good folks ' who are you T By the next day it would cotue froui any part of oithnr room, alight upon the side of a white China cup containing the mixture, and drink eagerly, with its long bill thrust into the rery base. It would alight on my fingers, and soem to talk with us endearingly in its soft chirps." Mr. Webbor aiterward succeeded in taming several of the samu species. He gaye them their liborty occasionally, and they returned regularly. At the time for raigration they left for tho winter ; but, the next spring, they sought their old quarters, and accepted the delicious nectar kiudly provided for them, and by dogrees


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