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Miscellany: Tableaux, Or Precept And Practice

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-Charitv. - A inter's eun is stealrosr harh the wiiïdmvs of stained gJass, and playing the folds of the rich crimson turtains of a luxiirions drawitig room- tiiencc flitting dowa upoti tbe sofi Turkey ca. pets il dancen Jïither ard thilher, now gliniing cross .wrrrore, now fioshing upon some crysaitri-vase, or scattering raiubows émcvg the ■pendente of the superb chwidciierd. The lof ly ceiüngs are richly pwnied in fresco- ilie svalls flnted witb jfoM and pürplaj and on cvery s'ute, ondover every object, luxury rests its pampered finger. Upon a sofa eovered wi:h crrr.son velvet tita o lady claborately drêased-at hor feet o brioche serves as a pillow for a tinny Inp dqJ ilrawn up bffote lier is a twioll rnnrble tahle tearing a beaulilut Uié escriioir. TLe lady is wviting. her coslly pen into the chaped êilver stëndrfh. 'Yesmy dear eir she driles, 'the sentimente you have exnresscd are indfed honornb!e o human nnturc- int y the world did not contoin more wliose fcclings of philantluopy m%bt accord with yiiur! Charity is indeed a heavrnly yirttie! O when I tiink of the hoiif-e!eB, fihWenng wretcbes uho daily crnwl around the dours f the neb m.iti- with liardly Btrengt.h to beg for the ofiuls which tlicm denied ore fíiven lo the doB, my heartewells u-ith indinntion and pityl What grealer pleasufe con there be than lo relieve the sufferings of theie miserable beingpj how delightful lo dry the toar of the helpless widow, and fill the monllis of tre funi.shed brood for whose wants those tear are shed! Ah,my dear sir, I- ' 'My dear Mrs! Tiip&bout, good morning- I am deüghted to eec yon - but do teil me, my dear, did your husband succeed in procuring those ticKets for the OperaT O I fear not,' replies Mrs. Tripabont, 'nevcr waeanything more provoking in my life!- He had jdst monöy to pay for tlicm. when, os thcfates would have it, in come uld Cobblewell, the shoemaker, with his long bil!- old story; eick wi'e; lame child; and rheumatism; and so my foolish busbam!, instead ol putting him ofT till toinorrow.' must needs pay the Lili! And now I expect by the time he can go to his otlice and back again tl tickets wil! bc all sold- thercis such a rosh. 'lt is indeed provoking,' answers Mrs. Eay for I assure you I had quite set my hearupon going. But wlint have you been doing to doy for tho good cause?' Why I havejnst been to see Mrs. Firmor, that mean woman- and she rcally refused to put down more thon $2 for our 'Pcvorly Stricken, Charitable Relier Society,' snd Miss Moría fiad even the assurance to teil me she doiibted if nny good would result from our umlertnking.' 'Indeed! so should I, lf she had anything to dowith it,' answers Mrs. Easy, Well.after I left Mrs. Firmer,' continued Mra. Tripabout, I called to see oíd Madam Nclson, anJ althou-i I coaxed and flattered the oíd boüI hnlf an hour, not a cent would Bne give me. She told me vcry candidly, to be sure, thnt she liad a large family of orphan grand children to support, and I know her circuinstances ore not good: but what are ten dollar! He that givelh to the poor iend - eth to iheLordí' How much sball you put down? Mc It is enough to have the trouble of the thing I think without giving!' answered Mrs Easy. Wby I pay seventy-five dollars a quarter for Delphinea's music, and thon there are her Polka lessons and Artcmesia has eet bcr heart upon going to Washington thiswinter, oud I must have a ncw vclvet cloak! o you seetlie thing is impossible. I cnn't fiord it can you' 'The idea of sucli a thing! no indeed: look t me; did yo ever see ench b Itgnre?' - Why I'm positively ehabby!' said Mis. Trip bout. YVoold you bc-hove it was only two months ago that I paid one Imudred dollirs br this shawl; and now look at i'; nnd my eather; ha! ha! hn! did you ever! No, ineed, I thiiik if I arn willing to ruin my clpth n the service of the 'Poverty Striken Ohmiubte Relief Societys' U's all I can do! bnt rood bye. Í must tak; my subscripiion book own ainonj the rnerchantsj O I üke to gèt nto one of their fine éteres; 1 can talk; I can Drench; wel!, well, bye.' 'Ma! ha! gfood-bye, you drol] rrcalnre!' riesMrs. Ensy. (Ri.s bel!.; 'Mere ohn, briiii me a glass of wine and a cream ake; and John, ti'll Nicholns to lofik at tbe j furnace. for I rrally iliink the rooinü are jjatmg cool. lt is a most bitter day, John, hink of the poor, and how thnnkful yon otigiit to be that yon have so goud a place.' Lord bless yon, nia'am, if6i T niiglit give okl Bptty the lnp-woman a buoket of coal; he poor old creature, tnu'an loks so blue und sliivering.' A-hem! Coal, Johni Wh; one bticket )f coal would only be an apgravation to the poor soul! I will remember her case; yes, willspeak 10 t ie Poverty Stnr.ken. Chariable ReÜef Society.' Tnke can; of yourself, John, and remember the pooi in yi'ür Dravers!''Yes, mn'üm.' Mrs. Easy sails across Uie room to the mirror; slie acijusts n ringle!; clas-pa her hroach iincw over the trr.sparf-nt MecMin; she then í-ügliily drawgasiile ihe heavy curlains, nnd lier delicate frame shivers as slie looks forüi npnn the culd piio'wj stieet. A poor woman pon theopp'osiie flafrping iá Btriving to hush the feeble wail of ihe infant in her crine, whileanother holf-naked litlle thing ia tod ltiL hy her eide. 'Itis slrangc,' rj .enlates Mrs. Easy, that nersons of that cla?s cannot find emplovmenl vpry; there ca be no need of tlieir parading ihe streets in tliis maiincr - none!' At tliis moment a mis-rabie meridicant stops under the window; he seos the rich lady; lie liolds up his tatiered hat, antí liis piercin? lories of' grief and tniery penétrate even íhroogh the ihick pnnes of pláte glaís. For the love of God, a little money.mndam, to luty bread for my faniiehiñg chüdroi)!" Bu't the fine lody Íets fall the hongingí from her lipjeweled hnnd, and once moresetg hereelf pon the luxurious sofa. Akíii tlieifiktïs tlie pen - 'Let me see, where was I - ctn - em - win ,ow em - tenrs - faroished - em - "Ah, my kind fir, I (writeè) canr.ot be snfficienily (] ihnnkfu! that Providence hos placed me in a ,, situalionof nsefulness! ilmt I have it in wy { powor to alleviale the miseries of - ' (Enter John with coke and wine ) j Very wel!; you nend not wait, John.' No tna'nm: bnt tfiere's o ponr wumnn down ] s'nirs ma'in-:; nnd she wants a li'tie hlp; rIic wants to know, nm'urn, if the mis' lyoüld . rive lier just an o!d drets, or u pair of blioes or- ' John, 1 am very hvsy; don t you foe I am ( writing? Ncver iiurude upon me with snel) matterá.' 'I ask pardon,' nm'nm, bt ho looked sb piiifnl hke, and bagged eo Imrd rbr the cool; jnstto pive hér a cqld potatoo, ihnl I - ' 'Woll rive her a co!d poïa;oe, John. ifslie looks desorvinp: nnd hoc John s a f-hill-no a sixpence for her; nnd John take tLia quarter ond buy soinething nic-e for poor liltlc Mnffey.' patting her i)n, he iá so daint - litUe pet!" Atif! takiog op her lop-dog, John retrcolf, Uhe kisses il; feedsjt wilh eream c;iUf-; sips her wine, und finuüy, her head reclini:){.' languidly upjn the f=oít yieJding cnslnons ot the solo, the President of ihe 'Poverly Slricken Choritable Relief Society' falla asleep!