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The County Fair--committees

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The premium Hst for the coming County Fair to be held on Tuesday, Wedneráay, Thursday and Friday September 22d- 26th is out The premium offered are liberal, and furnis evidonce that the officers desire a good fair The farmers, stock-growers and manufacturera of the county can make it a success if they wil We give for the information of thoce interest ed a list of the judges or committee, with th aggregate of premiums offered to each class o división. I. Durhams : Judges- W. H. Arnold, Dexter WUliam Wilson, Tpsilanti; Issac Duim, Ann Arbor. Premiums, {120. II. Devons : Judges same as on Durhams premiums only for herds, 130. III. Urades and Natives : Judges- E. E. Leland, Northfield ; W. H. Dell, Saline ; James W. Wing, Scio. $107 IV. Working Oxen. and Steers : Judges- Rdtert (reddes, Superior ; S. Kimberly, Webster ; Gotlob Kalembach, Freedom. $36. V. Fat Cattle : Judges- D. Cody, Pittsfield ; Frank Chamborlain, Webster; HenryMatthews, Ann Arbor. Ï28. VI. Hord: Same judges aa Class I. Premium, (50 ; not leas than ten cattle of any age, breed, or mixture of breeds, including one buil not leas than one year old. Open to the whole State, and not to compete in any other class. VU. Thorughbreds : Judges - Homer Flint, Ypsilanti ; George N. B. Renwick, Salem ; John Myers, Saline. $30. VIII. Halt Thoroughbreds - Same judges. 194. IX. Horses for All Work: Judges- Junius Short, Bndgewater ; L. Bogers, Ypsilanti ; John Tate, Saline, $ 156. X. Carrïage Horses : John Campbell, Superior ; D. G. Eose, Sharon ; W. W. Tozer, Dexter: 60. XI. Trotting Horsea : Judges- A. M. Noble, Ypsilanti ; Milo Baldwin, Sylran ; J. V. N. Gregory, Ann Arbor.. $137. XII. Draught Horses: Judges- D. M. Uhl, Ypsilanti ; Hiram Arnold, Scio ; John G. Cook, Ann Arbor. $110. XIII. Saddle Horses: Judges -W. H. Hawkins, Ypsilanti; Fhilo Fowler. Saline; Samuel Cushman, Sharon. $10. XIV. Jacks and Mules : Judges- W. B. Osborne, Sharon ; Fred. Stabler, Jr., Ann Arbor ; W. P. Groves, Northfield. $16. XV. Trotting Hace : Judges to be appointed at the Fair ; best three in five ; 5 entries, 3 to start ; open to the world, but no horse to be entered that has a record below 2:30. $100; $50; and $30." Entry fee 10 per cent. Besides this " trgt," which is set dowa for the third day of the Fair, the 24tn, the 3:30 horsei ra down for a single mile dash on the 22d, purse $20 ; the 2:36 horses for the 23d, purse f75; and the 3 minute county horses for the 25th, purse, $50. XVI. American Merinoes : Judgea - I. M. Whittaker, Lima ; George Eenwick, Northfield ; H. Wheeler, York. $54. XVII. Long Wools: Judges- Johu Eose, Pittsfield ; " James G. Eash, Ann Arbor ; William Bowers, Sharon. $53. XVIII. Grade Ewes: Judges same as for Class 22. $28. XIX. Fat Sneep : Judges samo as for Class 5. $5. XX. Swine: Judgea- David M. Uhl, Ypsilanti ; George Sutton, Northfield ; G. F. Eash, Lodi. $136. XXI. Poultry : Judges- W. F. Hall, Sharon; D. L. Godfrey, Ana Arbor ; N. A. Prudden, Ann Arbor. $70 XXII. Agricultural Implemento; Judges - Harris Carpeuter, Dexter; J. G. Leiand. Ann Arbor; D. d. Eose, Manchester. $137.75. XXIII. Grain aud Seeds: Judges - Nelson Howell, H. Burkhardt, Charles W. Fisk$21.50. XXIV. Vegetables: Judges- William Bush, C. B. Cook, H. Tuomy. $42.75. XXV. Butter, Cheese, Bread, Honey, and Sugar : Judges - James B. Gott, Ann Arbor ; Mrs. W. G. Foster, Ann Arbor; Mrs. David Cody, Pittsfield ; Mrs. David M. Finley, Ann Arbor. $24.75. XXVI. Honey : Judges - C. B. Porter, Ann Arbor ; W. L. Craf ts, Sharon ; Egbert Peck, Ypsilanti. !■". These premiums are for the beat yield of Honey from one hive of bees, in box or extractcd, reference being had to the management ot the bees, whether they had lost a warm or not, and also whether they were fed, or Btrengthened by adding bees, comb or bread from other stocks. XXVII. Dairy and Household Implements : Judges same as Class 26. $10 and ten diplomas as second premiums. XXVIII. Domestic Manufactures : Judges - Benjamin Brown, Ann Arbor ; H. M. Perrin, Ann Arbor ; Mrs. E. T. Walker, Salem. $33. XXIX. 'Fruit : Judges- Selleck Wood, Ann Arbor; Stephen Mills, Pittsfield; J. D. Baliwin Ann Arbor. $44.50. XXX. Flowers; Judges- William Everest, Ann Arbor ; Mrs. D. M. Fiuley, Ann Arbor ; Eugene Laible, John Starkweather, Ypsilanti; John J. Eobison, Sharon ; J. S. Nowland, Ann Arbor ; Mrs. Daniel Hall, Saline. $42.50. XXXI. Mechanic Arts, Boots and Shoes, Harness and Leather: Judges- W. D. Sraith, Ann Arbor ; D. H. Ottman, Saline ; Orrin Thatcher, Chelsea. $42. Competition open to the world. 32. Articles of Dress: Judges - B. Brown, M. H. Perrin, Aun Arbor ; Mrs. John Lowry, Lodi. $27. 33. Cabinet Ware and Joiner Work : Judges - Daniel E. Wines, Andrew DeForest, Ana Arbor ; Thomas Chamberlain, Scio. $47.75. 34. Wagons, Carriages, and Sleighs : Judges same as Class 33 $61. No convict labor to be shown. 35. Other Mechanical Labor: Judges same as Class 33. 13.50. 36. Fine Arts and Needlo Work : Judges - E. B. Pond, Mrs. D. M. Finley, Mrs. C. A. Lewis, Mrs. Darwin Wood, Aun Arbor ; Mrs. M. Gillett, Saline ; Mrs. Dr. Breakey, Mrs. J. J. Parshall, Ann Arbor. $60.50. Amateur painters not required to compete with professional painters, aud foreign paintings not to compete with those painted in the county. 37. Fancy Work : Judges - James B. Gott, Mrs. Benj. Day, Miss Theo Judd, Ann Arbor ; Miss Carrie Sutton, Northfield. $46.50. 38. Little Girls' Work: Judges same as Class 37. $15. 39. Female Equestrianism : Judges - Lewis C. Eisdon, Ann Arbor ; Mrs. E. F. Uhl, Ypsilanti ; Mrs. E. Boudiuot, Mrs. James B. Gott, Ann Arbor. $12. The Ypsilanti papers record the doath, on the 18th inst., of Mrs. Sophronia Hawkins, wife of Abiel Hawkins and mother of Walter H. Hawkin. She was 78 years old, and had resided in Ypsilanti ever eince 1835. - The Commercial also notices the death of Ebenezer Casey, of Superior, on the 17th inat., aged 87 yeara. Mrs. Doctor Hilton would inform her patrons and friends that she has decided to remain in Ann Arbor and niay be found at her office as usual, No. 88 Ann street, corner of Ingalls, ready to attend calis in city or country. August 26th, 1874. 1493w4