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The N. Y. Tribune thus apologises for the ai hi re of' so many recently Pirmed associution3. ;-No atterrmt has yet made any whero of whicli Fouriór wötilti hist have unqunlifiedly nedictcd tl.e laüure trom ilie outset. Au A8Ocintion, sucli ua ho.déscribtfd and conunended. consista ofnot less thon 4()(J (jiroperly l.f0) persüiis, iiiliabititic a spacioús, coiiimodious. wt'll plunncd. firo-proof, well warnieil. lighied. veiitillaicd ediüce, in tiic iriidst of a Doinuin. ihicc mtiea 6qunrè,ow[e8 in sharc by tlie memberSj surronidcd ly fvTilI?. Grnneiies Si "re houses. i.c. prdsecuiing :i!l the vnriüii branches of Industry by the help ol ilie most perfect Maclitnery under thf niöai ogreoable circvuneinnccs. mti v.nli the niOitthorViügh cconomv of iriertní and efficiency of red'jlt.. The Aociniioii would nave i te Schoojs, lts Lyceum, its Library: it wouldhe n Univcrsuv nút meroly for schillustK bui ior ui! iudus;rial and practical acnuiiciurnis Now,. so iar froni ony ihing likc ibis bnvnif. f.illed. we e.xpect to labor irtnny years Jrét befori ono símil be commenced. Merfhtimo, a thousiin partial, fiagmentary cfl'orts will be iitniic, th reaier nuniber under circunistriiiccs whicli ren der failure tr.ily inevitiblc. A huddle of lifi; or a hundred human beingg. without experieoce business talent, iniliutr'inl orcquzntion or pecuni ary resources, on n trnctof land bought al credi and loaded with n heavjprmrtgnge, is no an Association, nor ia it likely to grow into onr though it niay. The early and steadfast IViend of the Cause havo usualfy fcndeavored 10 dia courage such bugíntliñgí, init wlvcn commenced they have done what they could to gtvo them i i-linnrA fir fiUCCCSS.The Chinese make ihe sheels of thci tea chest lead in the following manncr.- Two men have cauldrona of meiled leac constantly ready; onc sits beside í smooth, flat stone,several fcct across, wil another flat stone, to wield whcn ncces sary, - The other man pours out a quan tity of the mched load upon the stone when Ihe moveable stone is immcdiatel, placed upon it, pressing it into a thin shee They aro made ver.y rapidly.