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Prince Metternich

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Meiternich's ministry is regarded ns tbc nf)6t brilliant nnd prosperons oí" the Auatrain listory. Since the Congress of Vicnnin, in lölj, whenhe held the first rank omongfrt tlie non onnnent stiitesmen, he Ins exerciseu' on j, nrWnce rul wielded a puuer unexampled in ( nodern times. ! In tlic interna] rfijfulations of lhe Austria ?:upire the fruits o!" bis measiiros are evinced n the numerous nnd mugnitirent works oí nternal improvïment wl.ich are being extenled over the wiiole comury, and the nrosícrqifs and contended coodit ion ofthe people. ' Few c'ounlrieè ot the present period, ifany, I x!ii!ir roaier entérptiëe in develnping their ' resoureps, or in the improvcment of all , íáoflheir ctizen9. PrincoMetlornich, alibough scvrnly-twoyenrp ofnge his last birllily, upponrs nnicli ymmjrer thari men ofthe ■isre generolly do. He is exiremely erect in bis pritJ.Otl, nniililc, diíinificíl, nnd courteous in is rpannorñ, températe in all nis habite. His i ttendnnce to bnsines is unremiuing; and, Oiidst the multiplied dnti!s vvtMch ilevolve on tim, he is chrnful, nblipinjr, and poule tonll, (ii-charging liis enníjernenís with facility nnd ea8e. From one til! five o'clork hejjenerally !evotrrf to his oiüoe. Two eveninjs in each veck are set apart for recep'.ions by the priness of 'he dijiiomatic corps; members of the court nnd oihers entitled lo prësentaöon from on till tvvelve o'clock, nt wliicli tiie Princo is nlwoys present; nnd durin lbo cveningr confers froely with such ofthe foreign nmbassadors nnd ministers as tnny desire to consult or converse wilh him, which he does wliih; walking to and fro in sonie of ndjomini snloons; nfter wliich he mixeswith thecoinpanv genarnliy, Great deference l paid to him by uil, from the highcat to tlio lowest, who op proach liim. There is no sliffness of manner of aYtoafifce öFrnnk. His wholo demeanor, whetlier in the transaction of business or social conversaron, evinces the profouml Bttite?man ond the uccomplishcd gentleman. His first wife lied in 1310: tnn years nlter he lost bid second, the Countess Beilstcin; nnd in 1831 he m.irried, for the third time, Countess Mclanie Zichy Ferraris, his present vift, one of the most boautiful and chnrming of the Hunrrarian noSiJity. Two dauglUers by iiis first, one of w hom is married to n Hnngarian ncbleman, one Bon by his peennd. and one daugïiter nnd Bon by his present Princes;'! grace his fnmily circ!e. IJe holds too higb a rank in the councils of his country, nnd is too firmly eeaied in the nffoctions of bis conntrymen, to he envious of nny, whilst his acL-nfilfr1"Pi1 merii? nnd nnrp nntnotism rxah