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BUSINESS DIRECTORY. WH. LGWITT, BI. n., Physicianand Surgeon. Oitice over Watts' Jewelry Store, Maiu Street, Ann Arbor. H87tt' FRAZFR, IIAKKIIIAX & HA MI IION Attorneys at Lot. Office Nos. 7 and 9 South Main Street, Ann Arbor. Mich. EKASTIJS THATCHEB, Attorney and Counselor at Law, No. 5 liase Hurón Street, Ann Arbor, ilich. 1386 IRH ÁBBOR MINERAL SI'KIMiS. Morris Hale. M 0., Superi atondent. Oflice a building, corner Manu and WentHurou Street. iIXES & WOUDEN, 20 South Main street, If Aun Arbor, Mich-, Wholesale and retail dealers in Dry Goods, Carpeta and Groceries. 1351tf MACK. & StlIIIII), Dealers in Dry Good, Groceries, Crockery,&c. No. 54 South Main BWet. Jir H. JACKSOBT, DentUt.successortoC. B. 11 Portcr. Otiice corner Main and tíuron streets, over the store of R. W. Kllis & Co , Ann Arbor, Mich. nestheticsadministercd if required. SCTTUERLAND & WHEDON, Life and O Firelnsurauce .-itreute', aud dealerem lieal Estáte. Office on Huron Street BACH ie ABEL, Dealera in Dry Goode Groceriea, &c &c.,No 2( Soutb Maia. Street, Ann Arbor. Wtl. WA(i3i EK, Dealer in Ready MadeCloth ing,''!otbB, Caasimerea. Vestings, jfrunks Carpet Baga, &c. 21 outh Mainstreet. JOAH W.OHEEVEK, AiTORNEY AT LAW ! O9ice with E. W. Morgau, Kast side of Court House Sanare. 1331 II' C, CaRK, Dcntist, x Successor to C. C. _x._, Jenkins. ' Nitro us Oxid C Gas administered , =l_ when necessjiry. 3 Office over Biich & A bel' s Jr store, flw'j No. 26 South y JpmJkJr' - Main St. pEOCKEHY GLASSWARE & GROCERIES, J. & l3 Donnelly fTareinstore alargestockof Crockerj, GlasBware, Pated Wre,( utlcry Grocene, &c, 4c, all tobe soldat unusttally low pricea. No. 12 blast Hurou Street, Ann Arbor. lliSlf J. 4; V. DONNELLV'. FÖHN O. GALL, FRESH AND SALT MEATS, L4RD, SAUSAGES, Etc, Ordcresolicited and promptly ilied with thebest raeate iu the market. Cor Hurón and Fourth sta. Aun Arbor, Sept. lHh. 1869. DR. C. A. LEITER, Physician and Surgeon, OBlce over "VVatls' Jewelry Store, Moin Street, Resid' nee 58 East Hurón Street, 1469tf ANN ARBOR.MICH. ARKSEÏ, Q&3i3k Manufacturer of Oarriages, Buggies, Wagons, AN Í) SLKIGUS, of every style, made of the best material, and wurrauted. Repairing done promptly mj pricea reasunable. Detroit Street, near R. R. Depot, Ann Arbor, Mich. 1446yl TaTlovejoy, TOBAGCONIST 1 Doals in both FINE CUT AND SMOKING TOBACCO, Smiff, Fipes, &c, AT NTO. 7 EAST HUROJÍ STREET, Next to the Express Office, A A IC KOR, tlK'll. I34ütr T FEED. BROSS, MASDFACTÜREH OF URRI.W.KS. ui ;;ii:s, n mber wacoss, ril'ÜIM. W1GOKS CITTERS, Si.KKÜIS. &c. All work warrimted of the best material. Repairin? done promptly and reasonably All work warranteö to give perfect satifaction. 68 South Main treet. 1422 BUSINESS COLLEGE! ANN ARBOR, MICH., Devottd lo the Practical Edueation of Young and Middle-Aged Men and Womert. Day ClaBses throughout the year. Evening Classes from September to June. Inatructlon according to the most approved plans, and mosüy individual. 8tudents can enter at any time and re ceive superior instruction in Business Penmanship, Commercial Law, Business Correspondence, Business Arithmetic, Single and Doublé Eutry Bookkeeping, Graham's Standard Phonography, and Practical Telegraphy, Main line wires pass directly tbrough the rooma of the Telegraphic Department, affording the student every advantage of "Actual Orneo Practice." The progress of the student in Bookkeeping ia greatly facilítate'! by the use of a new Chart entitled ' Bookkeeping at One View," just published by the 'Principal of this College. Cali at the rooms during school hou, or addroa, CVEPOND, AnnArborTMich. 1493tf


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