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Visit To The Most Northerly Town

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A writer in the AHa Californian writes : Hammerfest, the most northerly town iu the world, has a population of 2,067. There are many Laplanders and Finlanders in the town. The principal business is in cod-liver oil and fish, and the odor "rom the oil makes it very disagreeable Eteindeer and goats abound here, while :hore are but six horses in the town. I have never before seen so many children in so small a town. The sun sets here on November 17 and does not rise again until January 28. Children go to school with lanterng for about six months. In the summer the sun does not set froin the lst of June till the 22d of' July. There is no chance for hotel-keeperg to make any money on candles, as they do in Germany and France. I had my photograph taken by the midnight eun. You get demoralized here. Mrs. K. has already. She sits up till 1 and 2 o'clock, knitting socks, waiting for night to come. On the 27th of June the Laplanders brought many children into town to have them baptized or confirmed. Epindeers you can see fifty at a time on the side bilis, and goats by the hundred. On June 23 (called here St. Han's Day) or Midsummer Day, they kindie bonñres on the sides of the mountains around the town, and have a jolly time. The weather is horrible. There js one hotel ïiere, and its management migt. u. - : ly improved, although the landlidy is kind and obliging. We have fish and reindeer for breakfast, reindeer and flsh for dinner, and for supper some more fish and reindeer. The juinping-off place is in latitude 70 40 11.3. This is cut on a granite pillar, surmounted by a bronze globe, with projecting axis, indicating the plane of the celestial pole ; and on two sides of the pillar are inscriptions in Latin and Norwegian, that this is an important station, though not terminal ; that it is on the north cape of the great European are of meridian, the southern termination being on the meridian. It was undertaken by the sovereigns of Norway, Sweden and Eussia in 1816-52. Ou the same spot, or nearly so, Gen. Sabina made an important series of pendulum experiments in 1823. Fughenaes was one of the chain of stations extending nearly from the equator to the pole, at whieh pendulum observations were made for obtaining the variations of gravity on the earth's surface.


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