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A mere girl : One coarse curl Falling on her shoulder ; Palé her cheek, Jler tipa weak, But her eyes were bolder. She no saint - Glaring paint Daubed on every feature ; Gaudy dress - AU could guess A poor fallen creature. For no good There she stood, No one passing near her ; Space kept wide, Dress aside, Women seemed to fear her. Carriage crashed, Horses dashed, There was wild confusión ; People crieá, Terrified At the mud intrusión. 'Mid the crowd, Shrieking loud ín a voiceof terror, A mother wild, A little child Lost by some strango error. Ah ! 'twas there ! lts head bare, 'Mid those whirlmg forces, In the street, 'Neath the feet Of the maddened horses. Though all heard, No one stirred - Death would be the winner ! One brave eye ; One sharp cry ; 'Twas the pamted sinner ! Qubker then Tuan the peu Could teil of half the danger, She risked her Ufe, 'Mid that strife, To save a little stranger. And I thought, As I caught A ghmpse of her pale features, 'Mid the stains Stili reinains Some good in those poor creatures ; And that we Should not be So eager aye to shun them, If we can Greet tne man Whose wrong hath undone them.


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