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Selections: Michigan State Prison

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Tlio foUowing is (i statement oftlienumbor of convicta received, dischargèd, &c., theyear ending Oct. 81, 1815: INinuiniiijT in Priso üct. SI. 1314. 122 Ilcceived duriiig year onding üct. 31, 184&, 37 j XuinhfT disclnrpeil Sec, fhirin tim yearcndmg ücl. dl, by expiration of Kontonrp, u By pnnli.n, 9 I'!sC:i)Cd, Diéd, l - ; Niunbbr remoinlng in Pfisón Oct. SI, 1845, l0 l'Ml'LOVKD AS rOLI.OWS: Tho roüowin? tnblc bIiows tho cirp'oyment nllottrd to convicto, and the number en jrnpcl n f?ach brancli ofbiiFincss: For Contrnctors in Coopcrs shops. 10 do do Fumacennd Machine ahov20 do do Shoe s'op, J3 do do Wngon (-bnp, 14 do do Woolen Monufactory, L2 do State Caipcnter's shop, 3 dó do Tailor'i? shop, 4 do do Stone qnarry, 7 do do Washroom and Kitclien, 5 do do Cntting stone, 2 do do Mason Work, fcc., & do do Hospital, do " do Teamsters 2, B-irber 1, 3 Pernales 2, agcd anti intirm, 3, (unempl'd) 5 Total. n9 White PeronP, 102 Colorcd do lThe following is n statement of the number I of convicta rbceivéd into thrr prison, the j crimes for which they were convicled, and ; the connties in which they were Bevernlly sentenced, during the yeor emling OcU 31, 1845 CRIMKS. yn La rccny Arson, e Keeping houses of ill fume, 2 Passing counterfeit coin, 1 Assault and battery, with intent to murdcr, 2 Burplary and larceny, 4 Aidióg prisoners to escape, ! Uitennf forged note, - Uaving in possession counferfeil money, wit h iulcnt to pass the sotne, S Coun.-ellinjf burglnry nnd larceny, 1 Murder, [senicnees commuted] 2 Burglary and larceny and breaking jail, Totnl, S7 COU.NTIKS. xNO. C0UM-IK3. NO. VVashtenaw, 5 Brancli, 1 Enton, 1 Üaklond, Jackson, 1 Lenawee, S Wayne, 16 Mncomb, 1 do U. S. Court, 1 Kalamazoo, 1 Caihoun, 2 St. Joseph, 1 Gasa, 2 - Total, 37 SKNTRNCES OY THK ABOVB, One year, 5 Five yfcarti, 8 One ycurand 6 ino., 1 Srven yenrs. 1 One year nnd b do 1 Seven yenrs C nio. Two years), l 1 'Iny, Two jfww 6m. l cl. 1 Eight yenrp, ThTee years, R Ten years, Four years Ij l Total, S7The follotting ia a statement of the whole n.imbrr of commitnsents during cach yesr, rc=poctively Irom Marcli, 1U39, to October 31, j 1 11 1 1 ; in whcU countiea convicled, niid the miniber diMjliarged; diëilj oenped, and pardoued Jtirintr Ihë snid time: Recpived ycar ending Diich'd by eSDiraiion Oct. Ö(, 183Ö, SSofsentenceF, 135 do do Í340, 515 do pardon,40 JO do 1341, 47 E?caped, L0 do do 1842, 00 Died. 5 do do 1843, 43 Comi'd fuicide.l do do IC 44, 01 Killed in un atdo do 1345, 37 tempt to re coptuic bioi'i ! Total, 32?" Tolal, 20 In prison, October SI, 1345, lü) Total, ö37 IN WlIAT COUMTIKS CONVICTKP. W'.ivne coiinty, 15 Genesee, do U.S.court, 17 Kalamazoo, J i Lounwee, 20 Cas?, Si. Joteph, 8 Snginaw, 2 i Herrie.., }} Sl.,Cliií S Jacksuii, H Van Barren, 1 Wafhfemw, 20 Hranch, f Monróe, Í2 lfüslp, Oftklortd, ÏS Mackiiiaw, S Mücomb, 3 Eao'i Cnllionn, 8 Kont, è 3Ö' Citov.n, Í Wluie inales, 27t. do l'einnles, Ci!oreil niales, 51 do femalee 1337 U nder the ogc of 15 4 Botwee the aga of iü-and 20 0 do do 20 cío SO 15 do do 30 do 40 74 do do 43 do 50 39 do do SO do 60 13 do do GO do 70 13 do do 70 do 80 Tote!, S37 RKCAPITÜtATlO.VOF rARDOÍ8. During year emling Oct. SI, '40, by Gov. b Do do do '40, Pres. J Do rio do '41j Gov. 7Do do do I.4Ï, Pres. 3 Do do do '42, Gv. 4 Do do do '42, Pre. 1 J)o do do '13, Ciov. 7 Do do do 'J:J. 03. 1 ! PO do do 'ÍK Qóv. 8 ; Do to do '44. Prcs. - Do do d '-40, Gov! Do do do 'íj, Prcs. 1