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Implicit Obedience

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From Harper's for September. Thero is now-a-days a good deal of complaint about the want of obedience to parental authority on the part of the rising generation, especially on the part of boys. We heard of a oase the other day which proves that there are noble exceptions in the average " boy of the period." A young son of ono of the principal examiners in the Patent Office, at Washington, went to pass his school vacation at an uncle's in Kentucky, near the Ohio Eiver. There waa but one re8triction on the scope of the boy'a amusements. Horses, dogs, rifles, shot-guns, etc, were freely allowed as companions of his amusements; but, as his cousins were as fond of water as so raany ducka, he was requested to shun the boat which the cousins were wont to use in their aquatio excursions. He promised faithf ully, like the dutiful lad that he was, and departed rejoicing. A recent letter to his father graphically describes various excursions and the good times he had enjoyed, among the very last one in which the cousins had desired to visit the Ohio shore. "They went over in the boat," writes the boy, " but I remembered your wishos in that respect, und so swam the river." It is understood that the next mail announced to the youngster that the embargo upou the boat had been removed.


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