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tion for this Congressional district has been oalled to be held at Hillsdale on Wednesday the 16th inst. In view of thisact we have suggestion or two to make. The delegates should forget for a day that the party is largely ia the minority, and that they are just "going through the motions." They shouid act and vote as if they expect the candidato they are to nomínate is to be elected in November, and being elected is to represent the varied (not conflicting) interests of the district. To win success it mast be deserved, and to deserve success the party must be given a fit candidate, and the fit candidate be placed on a sound platform. The platform need have but three planks, old Democratie timbers : Qold and silver, the money of the coinmon people as well as of the bondholder i the legal tenders to be withdrawn, and any paper substitute for money, issued by either State or National authority, to be convertible into gold and silver at pleasure. And the road to this desirable end to be ontered upou at once. A f ree and unshackled Cominera : which means a tariff (for tariff we suppose we must needs tolérate while the nation is largely in debt) for revenne alone. Protection preys upon the vitáis of producer and consumer alike, and is but the taxation of the great agricultural in teren ts of the country for the benefit of the ïnan' " ' ' - -x - 1 LU own bottom is the word. Home Hule : or the right of each and every State to regúlate its own fnternal affairs, subject only to the Constitutional limitations and prohibitions. Centralization is not a more bugbear, but if not checked, and that 6peedily, will undermine the very foundations of the governmental structure builded by the fathers. With such a platform and a candidate who intelligently and honestly indorses it ; who will test by its provisions and requirements the measures ior which he inay be called upon to vote ; who has convictions and manliness enough to live up to his convictions, even though he cannot make a buncombe speech every day to cover his misplaced votes. Intelligent and efficiënt committee work, with instincts and principies on which to ground right votes, are more important qualifications in these days than the gift of gab. And these qualifications kopt in view there will no longer be reason for excludthinking farmers or mechanics, or intelligent business, men from the list of competitors with professional talkeis for Congressional honors. - The same platform we have above outlined is also commended to the State Convention' to be held on the lOth inst. It embodies all that need be Baid touching natieraal affairs, and not a word less should be said : Hard Money, Free Trade (a revenue tariff), Home Rule. If one Nelsojí, of Kalamazoo, had " prosorved his soul in patience " the late Republican State Convention would have succeeded admirably in getting astride the financial fence. But the comraittee on resolutions having reported a doublebarreled platform, this indiscreet Nelson offored the following resolution as a substitute for the currency plank : " Resolved, That we, believing a return to a gold basis should be speedily maie, approve an adopt the principies of finance erabodied in the veto message of President Grant to wlmt i3 known as the Senate Currency Bill, and reaffirm that part of the thirteenth resolution adopted at I'hiladelphia in 1872 rolating to the resumption of specie payment." The reaolution was promptly voted down by a large majority, the New York Evening Poat says at the dictation of the friends of Senator Ferry, who regarJed it as a conderanation of his votes in favor of inflation. And now the organs are laboring to oonvince the public that th " original " ineans just what the rejeeted substitute would. Too thin At last light seems to have dawned upon the Pennsylvania Democracy. At least, wo judge so from the fact that the recent State Convention failed todemand a continuance of the onti-Democratic doctrine of protection. And silence in a Pennsylvauia convention, in face of the clamors of her iron and Bteel manufacturera and coal miners, is equivalent to condemuation, or at least to a breaking into pieces of the oíd idols. A manly confession of past crrors, and a frank declaration of the new departure, would have been more acceptable to the Democracy everywhere else, but as the world was not made in a minute time must be given our Pennsylrania friends to make themselves at home in the new and better way. I When the Pennsylvania Domocracy ■ abandon this heresy of protection that . stuinbling block is removed out of th ' way of the party. (


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