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The Plots To Incite Negro Riots

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A few weeks ngo there was an obscure paragrspb in the personal column ut' u Western paper to the effect that Senator Morton, Senator Clayton, and Ex-Chief Justice McClure, of Arkansas, were holding a cousultatiou at the Hot Springs. Then a report cauie trom thut fashionable retreat that th?y wore fciiguged in coucocting a scheuie to get up negro riots thronghout the fcoutb, so as to ïuttuonce the ffortbers Coiigrtösional elections. However moustrous the charge uiay at tirst appear, when we come to look into the characters of the allegod conspiratorn and the necfcssities ot the Republicau party it does not seoin so improbable. The Kepublican party is on the eve of disastrous defeat. There is but one chance of saviug it, and that is by rallying a majority of the Northern people to its support upon the old cry that the rebel spirit is rainpaut in tho South, and that the " wards of the nation" are being re-enslaved and murderod. What gives color to the supnosition that the present troublesin the South botween the whitos and negroes are the result of a plot, deliberately prepared and having its ramifications all over that section, is that they should break out simultaneously in almost every State. ïhere is a very strong indication of concert of action. The carrying out 'of such a sóbeme, if carefuüy arranged beforehand, would be easy enough. Emissaries here and there would have no difficulty in inciting the ignorant negroes to acts of violence. This would naturally provuke retaliation from the whites, and thus the circumstances, artfuüy distorted by telegrams, correspondence, private letters, and the comroents of the Kepublican press, could be made to " fire the Northern heart" to a renewed support of the Eepublican candidates tor office. This ruse has been tried repeatedly before with success. It is an old Eepublican trick to influence the elections. The outrage season couns in annually about the time the conventions in the Northern States are assembling to nomínate candidates, and it goes out suddenly the day atter the November elections. The abruptneas with which the Southern whites and blacks subside into amicable relations with each other as soon as the neceesity of the outrage business ceases, is one of the most astonishing features of Southern sooiety. It may be presumed that the carpet-bag incendiaries, having completed their contracts, leave about this time for the North to obtain a settloment of their accounts, and the negroes are left to meditation and quiet. These plots will not have the desired effect if the Northern and Southern people are made to know thoir real origin and purpose. The agonized shrieks of the Eepublican newspapers will elicit aughter and contempt when their readers become aware that a mere party trick is behind thein. While the people of the North are thus giving the repor.ts of rebel aggressiveness the little notice they deserve, it behooves the Southern whites to oarry themselves with all the patience they can command through their present trial. It will be an unwise course for them to play iuto the hands of the Northern Eepublican politicians. If the Eepublican party is dcstroyed in the forthcoming election they will never be troubled again with these machinations of the plotters. They can afford to exercise self-control now, even under the most exasperating circumstances, for the sake of the relief that a Democratie victory will bring to them in the autumn electiona. We can safely predict that if Eadicalism is wrecked in November there will be no more conferences at Hot Springs between such desperate political gamblèrs as Morton, Clayton, andkthe deposed Chief Justice of Arkansas. - iV. Y. World.


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