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The Present, Not The Past

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The Boston I'osl The posthuruous style of carrying oq a political campaign must be conceded to be a perfect novelty in this countiy. Not only is the Eepublican address attempting to arraign a party that has been out of power thirteen years, but it proposes for living issues questions that had their discussion and settlenient befor the Eepublican party was born ! It this is not antiquity in politics, it is difficult to say what is. The Eepublican party tuight as well have gone back and selected their issue-i in the colonial times. The Demócrata are not advocating the Ostend manifestó or discussing the Louisville canal. They do not ask the people to take their stand on the expunging resolution nor to exhume the question of the Cherokee war, although on hard money and low tariff they are just where they always were, and where the country must itself come again. The Eepublicius suppose they eau jump these thirteen year of their rule and carry the canvass of the present year back into the times before the war. That U what they mean by progress. That style of progress would soon refuse to touch living questions at all, on the ground that it was premature to do so until the past was entirely closud up. A vicious curreney, a prohibitory tariff, expenditures incretised by fifty millions lor the last two years over the preceding ones, Crodit Mobiliors, Sanborn contracta aud district rings and ' public corruption without limit; these , ure eveiy one of them living issues, yet ' the Eepublican address otuits all 3nce to them whatever in ita solicitude :'or the immediate settlement of questions ;hat occupied the country before its party )Ter saw light. ■ .-Mr. - 2:14,- that is the time Goldsmith kiaid made at Mystic Park, Boston, on Vednesday.


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