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m Amusement IokTsaleT HOrsi:s AND LOTS in all parts of the city. FOK itENT. -.,'-''"'■".■'" 4tl' W!ml' KM' ano"i", $3.00; another S2..0. Fout rooms, buttery, cellar, and cisteru i, llou-e inod ward, 2.O0. ' To exchmge for land- house in 2d ward, 81,500. FOK SALIi-Two top-bngglee, one open-tram heavy single iiiniber wagon, one faniily norse. WANTKD- Jfoitsc or rooms for bouwkeeptnj ft„ smal] tamil?, centrally located. p g " I havo customers waiting for Extensión Tabl lir.akhw Tablee, Studenfs Tables, Book Siel? aah Stands, Bureaus, Cook and l'arlor Stoven _Ann ArSrte; {fc" a"d Wa3hi" Annuul School Meeting! Notico b hercl.y given that the Annual Meetlat d Schqd District K. One of tbe Cilv of Ann ArW will bc IhM u theCOUET HÜUSE,'in said city%n MONDAY, SEPT. 7th, 1874, for the electlon of three Trustees in place of EbeMaa Wells, Benjamin F. Cockex, and Elihu B. Pond ,J lor thé tmanctloB of sueh other business as'ua, Mgally come before said The Polis for tb election of Üfflcen will open at 10 o'clock a m ind close at 2 p. M. The liusiness Meeting will couimen at 2 o'elock p. K. A general altendance is desired By order of the Board of Trustees, JAMES B.ÜOTT, Secretar? Ann Arbor, Aug. 20, 1874. 1482w3 Klectioii Nolice. BitERIFF'a OFFICE, Washtkxaw Coi-stt I -.. Akbob, August 31, 1874. 'I To the Klectors of the Vounty ƒ Waslilr.naw: Voii are hereby notitie -d that at the next Genenl election, tobe beH on the Tuesday succeedint th. tirst Monday of November next, in the State of Mith tean, the following otficers are to be elited, viz ■ j (iovernor, Lieutenant Goveraor, Sei-rctarv of Stit', Auditor i.iTu'i-al, State Treasnrer, Communl. tlie Mat.' Land Otfiee, Altorney (ieneral, Suwrj, tendent of Public Inotruction, a Member of theütt Board of Educatton in place of David I' Mavhti wbo was appointed to iill the vacancy caused by thé ikatb of Daniel K. Brown, whose term of office i expire December Sist, 1874; alsoa Representan ii Congresa for tbe Second Conaressional District of thu State te which Washtenaw üounty is I a Senator in tbe State Legi&latare for the Founh Senatorial I'isnict coaeistingof Vashtenaw Couniv as pruviiled l.y Act No. 128 of the Session Lawsii' 1871 ; also three RepresenUtfves in the State Leiis. lature, agreeableto tbc proviaiona of Act No mj Uu' Session Law pf 1871. Alm the following county offleers: one Sheriff om County Clerk, one County Treaaurer, one Registirof geeds. i Prowcuttag Attorney, two Circuit Cm Coinmissioners, two Coroners, and one Countv Sn. veyor. ' Vim an also hereby notifled tliai at said Genenl Election. tbe following amendmenta to the C'onstituüon of this State are to be submitted to the peopleal State for their adoptlon or rejeetion, pursuanti the tequtrementa of tbe Constitutlon. and thcresok. tloqa oí the Legialature sulmiitting them, viz.: "An Amendment relative to the qualiticatiom Electors," te be snbstltuted, in case of adontion ( so niiuli of Section 1 of Article Vil. as precedes' tbe proviso therein, in tlie present Constitution oftU State, as t uow stands, an.l siil.stittited for Section 1 of Article VII. in the amended Constitution, if tbe latter is adopted, aa provided by Joint Resolutiot No2, of the Session taws of the Extra Session o[ 1874. Also, the "Amendnients to the Constitution oí tbt State of Michigan," which are to stand, in case oí adoption, as the Constitution of the .State of Michigan, and to supersede eaeh and ev-ery other pre-tiíating provisión of the Constitution "of the State of of Michigan, as protided by Joint KesolutioiiSil said Session Lawê of 1874. M1CHAEL FLEMING. Sheriff. Eoal Estáte for Sale. RÍTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtn,i, O In the matter of' the estáte of Ann White, de oeaeed. Notice is hereby given that in pursuaneeof an order grnnted to the undersigned administrator of the estáte of said deceased, by the Hon. Judia of Probate for the county of Washtenaw, on the 8eeond day nf September, A. D. 1874, there willbe öold at public vendue, to the highest bidder, at the south door of the Court House in the city of Ad Arbor, in the county of Washtenaw, in said Stttf, on Tuesdiiy the tn-entieth day of üctober, A. D. 18T4, at ten o'cloek in the forenoon of that day (subject to all encumbrances by mortgage or otherwise eiiiliw at tfle time of the death of said dcceased, theollowinjfdescnbed real estáte, towit: Village (Awimber two (2), and two rods and eight feet from oft Üie northerly side of lot number flve C5), in block num. bernine (9), and fronting on Wall atreet in Brown and Fuller's uddition to the village (now cityl of Ann Arbor, in the county oí Washtenaw and Stats of Michigan. Datetl, September 2, A. D. 1974. 1494 JOHN. N. CJOTT, Administrator. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been made in the conditiODi o( a certaiu mortgage, dated the twenty-flrat dar of August, A. D. ls;2, made and executed by Timothy Keuedy and Johanna Kenedy, hiB wife, of the city of Aim Arbor, county of Washtenaw, snd State of Michigan, tb Thomas J. Hoskins, of the same place, and recorded in the office of the Kegister of Deeds, for the county of Washtensw and Utate f Michigan, on the twenty-second day of August, A. D. 1872, at nine o'clock and twent? minutes, a. m.. in liber 45 of raortgages, on pig 2-'ü, which said mortgage -was on the twenty-niDtti day of August, A. D, 1874, duly assigned by Thiinul J. Hoekins, to Kichard Beahan, which assiRnmea was recorded in the Kegister's office of said countf of Waahtenaw, on the twenty-ninth day of Angust, A. D. 1874, at ten o'clock a. m., in liber 4, aeaiguments of mortgages, on page 377, and where8 then ia now due and unpaid at the date of this notice tb sum of sixty-one dollars CÍ61.OOJ, and no snit or proceeding at law or íd equity has been institntti torecover the aame or any part thereof: KotiwU hereby given that on Saturday, the nf.h day of Dtcember, A. D. 1874, at eleven o'clock in the i'oreDOoa of that day, at the front door (south side) of tbf (Jourt House, in the city of Ann Arbor, countj of "Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, by Tirtue of the power ot' sale contained in said mortgape, Ivül sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, tl premise described in said mortgage, or so fflucb thereof as may be necessary to satitfy the amrant due on said mortgage at the. date of this notice, vith interest aud costs and expenses allowed bylaw, cd also an attorney fee of twenty dollars as prorided in eaid mortgage ; the following is a description of the premises as given in said mortgaee ana to be sold pursuant to the above notice to wit : All thai parcel of land known and desciibed as the north four rods m width off the south twelve rodi in length of block four north, in range two eait, in th city of Ann Arbyr, county of Washtenaw, and Stat uf Michigan, said land bemg bounded weBterly by Allen's creek, ana easterly by Second street. Uated, t-eptember 3, 1874. HICHAKD BEAHAX, 14M Assignee of Mortcagee, and Att). Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been made in the oonditíoníoí a certaiu mortgage (whereby the power codtained therein to sell bas beeome operative}, exeöuted by " Allen H. ltisuon, Trustee for the benefit of my ehildreu," of Saline, Washtenaw county, Michig"' to Cometock F. Hill, of said county, and dated üte Örst day of April, one thousand eight huudred ?3 seventy-one, and recorded in the office of the Bep ter of JÖeeds of said Washtenaw county, on the neven teeuth day of AiJril 1871, at 11:80 a. m., in liberé of mortgages, on page 140, upon which mort and the note aceompanyingtho same there is claimt to be due at the date of this notice the Bim oi aeventy-three dollara and ten cents ($73.10), nlsoan attorney fee of thirty dollars provided for iö wii mortgage. also there is to beeome due on said mortgitge and said note the sum of one thousand dolían with interest at the rate of ten per ceut. per annuiD. trom and after April flrst 1874, and no suit or pnceedings atlaw or in ehancery having been instituto to recover the same or any part thereof, Notice thereforehereby given: thatonSaturday the tweDtï' eighth day of November next, at eleven o.clockí" the forenoon, at the south door of the Court Hourt in the city of Ann Arbor, in said county {that beioff the place for holding the Circuit Court for Bnid county), I shall sell at public auction to the higbe1 bidder the premi&es described in said mortgage, nI ao much thereof as will be necesaary to satisfy tbf deinaiids of waid mortgage, together with ten I' cent. interest and all legal oost3 and expenses, wbwdj said premises are described as lollow, towit: Aoi Iota three, fuur, tive, fix, seven, eight, and seventeeB in sectiou tive of Allen H. Riedon's addition to t VÜlage of Saline, in said county of Waahtenaw Dl1 State of Michigan, containing four aerea and nineT nine hundredths of an acre of land more or less. Dated, Ann Arbor, September 1, 1874. COMSTOCK t. HILL, D. Cramku, Mortgag Att'y for Afortgngee. 1494 Mortgage Sale. ÜBVAT7LT having been made in the conditiowoi a certain mortgage (whereby the power of in said mortguge has becomeoperatirej, executed W "Allen H. Kisdon, Trustee, for the benetít oí 7 chíldren " of Washtenaw county, State of Michig"' to Kliza M. Kerr, ot Uutfulo. in the State of Se York, which mortgage is dated the twenty-si1" day of March, A. V. 1872, and recorded in the Bep ters oflice of the county of Washtenaw, on w twenty-fifth day of March, 1S72, at 1:20 p. M.,in lttwj 44 of mortgages, on page 780, aud there beinfr ciaim to be due mui anpald on eaid mortpage and the no' accomptvnying the same the sum of flve hundrrfl ftn twenty-one dollars mul nixty-six cents ($521.66), the sum of three hundred dullnrs with inteieat the ra te of tea percent from the twenty-sixtbw of March, A. D. 1874, which han become duebyreason of aaid default, and the election of said mortg? making the whole aum due on said mortgage note at the date oí' this notice to be eight hunaT"" and thirty-four dollars and sixty-six cents, al0 n attorney'a fee of thirty dollars as provided for i said murtjtge, and no pi-oceedirgs at law or io chocery havrag been mstituted to recover thesuin0' any part thereof : Notice ia therefore hereby gieD that on SaturJay, the twenty-eighth day of November next, at eleven o'clock iu the forenoon of j duy, at Urn south door of the Court House, in fn" city of Anti Albor (that being the place for hoW the Circuit Court for suid county of WashtenawJ. ■ will sfll at public auction to the highest bidder w preimses describtxl in said mortgage or so mm bbereof m shall be noees&ary to satisfy aid axnou1 with interest, costa and expenses, which Pren".':r are described a.a followa. to wit: All of lot numw stiven in aectiun tour of Allen H. Risdon's 80ditiB to the village of Saline, in the county of Vf&nte naw and State of Michigan. Dttted, Aun Arbor, tíentemlier 1, 18T4, ELIZA M. KERBf D. Cbameb, MortgafJ Att'y for üortgagee. 1494


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