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C.vr.ris. - Circulara. - Bill-Heads. - Letter-Heads. - Shipping Tags. - Printed at the Arotjs oftice. - In the best style and oirEAP. - Don't order elsewhere before calling. - Welcome rain put iu au appearance yesterdny morning. - We have still a little adyertising space to dispose of. Apply in time. - Don't forget the animal school meeting set down by the Jaw for next Monday. - The public schools opened on Monda}-, unsuilly iull in eveiy department and grade. - The ladiea are invited to attend the meeting of the Pioneer Society, to be held at Firemeu's Hall on Monday next. - The Detroit Conference of the M. E. Church commenced its nineteenth annual session, at Romeo, on Wednesday. - üur old fellow citizen, ex-President Dr. E. 0. Haven, is to be inaugurated Chancellor of Syraeuse (X. Y.) University on the lóth inst. - Services will be held in the tTnitarian Church on Sunday next, morning and evening, Bev. C G. Howland, of Kalamazoo, officiating. - A large number of subscribers to whom we have mailed bilis have not yet responded. We ML'ST have the moneys due us, and that at once. - Miss Jlary L. Chase desires us to advise the Asous readers that she will return to Ann Arbor (trom her Vermont home) in September, to resume teaching music. - At the recent session of the Central Germin M. E. Conference held in Detroit, Bishop Peok presiding, Rev. C. F. Ileitmeyer was appDÏnted to the charge in this city. - C. Bliss & Sons begin to think it about time for business to revive, and so invite the Abous readers and the public generally to cali and examine their large and fine stock. - That proposed " black hst" not scaring woi'th a cent, the Manchester Journal now threatens to auction off a list of accounts. Auctioneer's wind must be cheap or the speculation won't pay. - The Manchester Journal makes a business man of thut village say that " business is dull, fearfully dnll," and that " nobody buys anything just now but provisions and whisky - the bare necessities of life." - The Washtenaw County Pioneers' Society are to hold a regular meeting on Monday next, atFiremen's Hall, at 10 o'clock A. M., at which time the election of officers is to take place under the stututory organization. - It is understood that A. B. Smedley, Grand Master of the Granges of Ohio, will address the Grangers of this county, at the picnic to be held on the County Fair grounds on the third day of the coming Fair, September 24th. - An adjourned term of the Circuit Court commenced on Monday, with a jury in attendance, and is engaged upon the civil calendar. Tlie Van Sycles forgery case was put over untiï nejet term, and several Ypsilanti liquor cases diicontinued. - The Fair of the Eastern Michigan Agricultural and Mechauical Society is to be held at Ypsilanti, commencing September 29th and continuing four days. The premium list is large, and special horse premiums are oft'ered amouuting to $1,500. - At a meeting of the Ladies' Temperance Union, held on Tuesday evening last, measures were taken looking to the publication here of a temperwice paper, - perhaps we should say of a paper ín the interest of the prohibitory wing of the temperance army. - We learn that Prof. Moses Coit ïyler is coming back to our city, to accept his old position in the University, - the chair of English Language and Literature. Prof. Tyler has broad culture combined with peculiar qualifications for that protessorship, and has only to settle down to work to nake a greater popularity than ever. We welcome him back. !■ l- ■ I l ► f ■ We were obliged to close our report (last week) oí the Reunión of the First Michigan Infantry beforo the supper. After the "hard tack" had been " stowed away" President Hop" per called his comrades to order, and stated that the regular toasts of the the occasion would be nunounced by Gen . Throop, toast-master of the occasion. The toasts .were as follows, and were responded to by the gentlemen named : I. Our New Officers- Response by Col. Hopper. 'l. The First Surgeon from Michigan - Response by Dr. Brodie. 3. The Governor of Michigan - Response by K. A Beal. 4. The State Militia- Response by Capt. S. B. Revenaugh. 5. The Old Fifer of the First Michigan- Response by William Mead, with his fife, who played familiar times, and stirred up " the boys." 6. The Old Flag- Response by Capt. John S. Gnflin. '. The Man Who Followed the Old Flag on Three Legs- Response, a recitation by Capt. Clinton Spencer. 8. The Boys Who Did the Work- Response by Thomas Edwards. 9. Our Old Comrade- Gen. John C. Robiuson - Besponse by O. C. Allen. 10. The Little Major Who Brought Recruits from Lake Superior - Response by Major Thomas J. Barry. II. Uncle Sam - Response by Col. George Lockley. 12. Our Absent and Fallen Comrades - Response by Mr. Edwards. 13. The Ladies- Response by D. Griffith. 14. Our Country - Response by Capt. Clinton Spencer, who recited " The Soldier of the Legion." The responses were brief, but revived old memories, both sad and pleasant, and made the occasion an enjoyable one. After the speaking was concluded the dining huil was cleared, and dancing was in order until the small hours of the morning. A Saratoga letter tells how a Brooklyn punster " played it" on the name of one of our fellow-citizens, a name always written in full. It was: " Moses Coit Tyler registcred his name yesterday in a Saratoga Hotel, when a Brooklyn man wrote undei it : " Tilton Coit Beecher, too." Laeoe Yieles.- Thos. J. Van Gieson, of Bridgewater Plaius, threshed 372 bushels of wheat from ten acres. It weighed, machine measure, sixty-eight pounds per bushei, making a total of 421 3-4 bushels, or a yield of 42 bushela to the acre. Who can beat it ? He also had 4G5 bushels of oats trom ten acres.-


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