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The Christian Union, Mr. Beecher's páper, has an article on the Brooklyn scandal in couree of which it says : " Mr. Tilton, Mr. Moulton and Mrs. Tilton havo on their own admission, or on ampio and introconvertible proof told two wholly different stories of the whole matter. Mr. Beecher alone has iways said thesame thing. The burst 1 self-reproach in which he carelessly et his hand to a paper which he had either written nor read, which had grossly perverted his expressions ; the self-reproach and sorrow which he has described and in which it seems he commited himself to a mistaken course in the whole matter, is surely easy to comprehend. Mr. Beecher's well-known, old and long affection for Tilton, strengthened as he has graphically told by a great service which Tilton had done him, his profound desire, springing from a sentiment which is the deepest in his life, to reclaim and save one who had erred ; the stern reckoning to which he held himself for the error that had aggravated ;he troublo; the utter forgiveness which he gave to offenses against himself; the dread of disaster, not to himself only, but to Mr. and Mrs. Tilton, and to public moralityjnd decency, in the storm of vile scandal which has at last been let loose; the utter weariness of life at times under the burden ; the exalted and heroic ministry to othere, never once interrupted by his own ;roubles ; all these things, though ;hey may be forgotten or misunderstood in the tumult of the present, will one day shine out clear and enno)le in the eyes of the world a man who made many mistakes but never erred ignobly; who held himself ;hrough all pure and upright, and the xiend of men and the servant of God."


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