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Ann Aedob, Thubsday, Sep., 271874. Apples.- 25&30O. ITTT Butteii- 22o. Corn - 7O@7 c. per bu. Chicxens - Dressed 14c Egos - Command 12c. Hat - $lü@15 per ton, aecprding to quality. Honey - In cap, 2öc. Labd- Tha market stands at 15c. Oxions- $1.00. Oats- 35@40c. Potatoes- $30@40c. Peaches- 50c. per basket. Tdknips - 30c. Wheat- White, $90@1.00; Amber $.85@l.(0 Tübkeys- 13c. Tomatoes - 40@50c. per buDetroit ProdiiceMarket. Latest quotations for leading articles oí country produce- Aug., 27 are as follows : Wiieat- waite,$1.1081 16; amber 1.00 @lr.0. Baiileï- 1.75(2.10 par cntal. Eye- 65@80c. per bu. CoiiN- 60@75c. 42;g)45c. Potatoes- 50@00c. HAY-13g18.tíí3ílXja WIJ Butteh- 2O,'gl27c. Egos-12@13c. ; Labd- 11@13c. Honeï- 27gl28o Wool- 30@42c. per lb. Detroit Live Stock Market. l'rom the Detroit Free Press. MoNDAY EVENINO, Aug. 31. ïhe total receipts for the last two weeks were as follows ; For the week ending Aug. 31. Aug. 24. Through State. Thro. State. Horses 31 1 Cattle 2,444 817 1,578 688 Hogs 13,194 2,197 13,945 1,951 Sheep 32 cars. 28 cars. There was but little chango in the condition of the market as compared with last week. Keceipts were heavier of cattle and sheep, but lighter for hogs. Prices of cattle were, by some, claimed l-4al-2c off, but the average quality was not up to the standard. Mr. Adams bought three car loads to ship that were of good to choice quality at 3 l-2c. The prices paid for hogs were rather better, but within our range of quotations. Sheep were off full a quarter, the local market being about glutted and but little shipping demand. We quote : Choice steera, f rom 1,000 to 1,400 lbs $4 25 a ó 00 Good butchers' lrom-900to 1,200 lbs 4 00 a 4 25 Stockers, 700 to 900 lbs, 3 50 a 4 00 Good sheep, from 80 to 91 lbs, per cwt. 4 00 a 4 25 Fat hogs, por cwt. . ó 50 a (i 10 Pigs, mixed lots, per cwt. 5 00 a 5 50 Kino's Cattle Yabds, ) Detkoit, Monday eveniug, Aug. 31, J OATTLE. The market was well supplied to-day with all qualities of cattle, but mostly with medium to good butchers' stook. Good to choice cattle were called 1-4 to l-2c off, and common, lots still more, but probably l-4c would cover all declines. We quote : Choice beeves, shipping steers and heifers, weighing from 1,200 to k 1,500 lbs. {4 50 opbO Good butchers" steers and heifers, averagiug 1,000 to 1,100 lbs., 3 75 a 4 25 Working cattle, well f attened, averagmg 1,000 to 1,600 lbs., 4 00 a 4 25 Cows, common to choice, 3 75 a 4 25 Stockers' . and packers' medium steers, and heifers, in decent üesh, 800 to 1,000 lbs., 2 50 a 3 7 SHEET. There was a heavy stock of sheep in the yards for this market, and sales were slow. Some very good ones wero offered at 4c, that would have brought 4 1-2 last week, and up to a late hour in the morning had not been taken. There were a few sales of small lots at $3.75a$4 that had not been weighed, but would probably average 75 to 85 lbs. HOOS. There were but few offered, and these were doing very well considering the inferior quaüty of most of them. One lot, averaging 260 lbs, sold at $3.50, that were quite coarsc. The Memphis Cotton Exchange reports a depreciation of 34 per cent. in the cotton erop prospect of the district since last year.


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