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Missouri Convention

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-The orivention Corthe revisiortof thé Mato Goriatitutionor Missouri' is nów iii tíension at JefTeraon city. Wo noüc'e tliatthat body is coming up to thé spirit oí' the age irt the provïsious which it engraftp npnrt tli'e urjfnnró law of the State.- On Ihe fOth of Dec, by a vo:o nf 29 to 25, t was deciiled of:crn wnrm and able d'BCÜBtfion, to mnke the Judgea oT the Supremo Coúrí declive- one lo fro out' '. thé érid óföone 8 and the ollicrat 10 ye&tè, nnd the term of service tlierefore to be liinited tó 10 ycare.FUnvchaldmg Clcrpymen. The vC"oo(]soclct Patriot ctfyn: "A friend informs us thut, to' bis personal kiiowledge, éfcveA' clergytheri, of diflercnt JenominationF, have wilhiri fe# yenrs removed Irom Connecticut to the Southern Siaié, nrid thérê bccoúie buyers and1 sellen? of God's image. We hnve no hefiltlion in pronouncing them tho Dtvil$ ttüiiioriarietí.'' Jenriy Imd. the Swedish canentrice, bkrf been eugngcd at thn Opera, in Berhn, 4yeéYg,' ten montlis in each year,Btá' fixcd ' ytMy salary of $20,000, betides forty ílollarí tof each nighl'u performance. Pretly Wéll for piping. The public pririting at Washington is of more pecuniary value tthan the office of President of the United Stntes. It ha 3 ielded for tho íast ten years, a profi't of more than 30000 annually.