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Grasshoppers In Minnesota In 1818

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Neil's history has quite an account of a grasshopper invasión in 1818. Alter speaking of the settlement of the Northwest, Mr. Keil proceeds : With the mild rays of the spring of 1818 hope revived, and once inore they trudged back to their settlement. They worked with pleasant auticipatiohs as they beheld first, the blade, then, the ear develop ; but, one afternoon, just as the harvest was ripe, ttnd they were about to put ia the sickle, " behold the Lord formea grasshoppers, in the beginning of the shooting up of the later growth," and their joy was turned to inouning. The air was filled with inseots ; " the earth did quake before them, like the noise of chariots on the tops of the mountains, or like the noise of a name of fire that devoureth the stubble," was the sound of their inovements. When the next morning arose, it was " a day of darkness and of gloominess; a day of clouds and of thick darkness," and strong men were bowed down ; and, like the Hebrew captives by the waters of Babyion, they lifted up their voices and wept. The next year the calamity was worse. They were produced in masses, two, three and four inches in depth. The water was infected by them. Along the river they were to be found in heaps like seaweed, and might be shoveled with a spade. Every vegetable substance was either eaten up or atripped to the bare stalk ; the leaves of the bushes and the bark of the trees shared the same fate ; and the green vanished as fast as it appeared above ground. Even fires, if kindlod out of doors, were iuimediately extinguished by them.


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