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TjIRE INSUEANCE. FKAZEK, II AKKIM AN & H AMII.TOVS OFFICE OVER SAVINGS BANK, Ann Arbor, Michigan. __ We cas now carry full linea in SAFE and TRUST WOBTHY Companies, and our ratea are reaionable Wc are now carrying tbe beat business risks in th city. We invite the Public to examine our Registers and judge for themselvea of the kind of buBiness w are doing. We make a speoialty of Dwclling Hous Insurance, and can give'low rutes, and good indem nity We represent tbe following well-known Com panies : The Westchester, - Organized 1837, Assets, $055,000.00, Jan. lst 1871. The Allemannla, of Pittsburgh, Pa. Assets $472,000.00, Jan. lst 1674. The Lancaster, ol Lancaster. Pa. Organized 1838. Assets (337,000.00, Jan. lst 1874. The Michigan State, of Adriaii, Organized 1859, Asset $304,000.00, Jan. Ut, 1874. The National Fire Ins. Co. of Phil. Assets $667,000.00, Jan. lat, 1874. Penn Fire Ins. Co., of Philadelphia, Assets $413,020.28, Jan. lst, 1874. The Watertown Fire Insurance ComIany, of Watertown, N. T. AsseU 1566,000.00, Jan. lat, 1874. The Watertown was organited in Dec, 1S67, aloca wbich time ita premium receipta and loasea have been as f ollowa to wit : Premium Reoeipts, Losses. Jan. 1,1868, y month - - l,204 28 " 1869 .... 29,833 V.i $1,855 00 " 1870 ... - 46,642 69 5,297 42 " 1871 ... -.56,606 16 18,314 51 " 1872 -.-- 141,417 0.1 2I.C1S 97 " 1873 - - - 214,965 19 83,169 65 1874 .... 353,228 01 106,296 04 Cash premiums received in 6 years - $740,685 89 Losses in 6 years - ... 220,946 39 Aotual loasea leas than 30 per cent of premium receipta. Excess of premiuum receiptf over losses $519,649 6 INCREASE OF AbBKTS. Jan. 1, 1868, aaaets with $100,000 capital.. $101,354 3 Do. 186, do. - - - - 122,684 6 Do. 1870, do. 148,431 4 Do. 1871, do. - - - - 158,893 9 Do. 1872, do. - - - 838,603 1 Do. 18T3 do. - - - - 441,500 5 Do. 1874. do. 656,849 5 This shows a steady average gain iu assets o over $75,000 each year. Official statement of gross assets and liabilitie Jan. 1,1874. towit: Groas offioially admitted assets - $556,849 90 OfHcially calculated li-.ibüities, including reinsurancefund - - - 217,104 61 Suiplusastopolicy holdors - - $340,745 29 If thia record ia evidence of bad management, safety and proflt to policy and stockholders would wish tbat other companies had a little of it. The_ policy and practice of this compnny have been steadily 10 increaae ita financial solldity, by which justly tocommand the confidenoe of the public. To this end all surplus premium receipte have been retained, allowing the stoakholders only legal interest on the assets. The interest on iis invested funds pays all dividends, leaving all surplns premiums for the additional security of the policy-holdera. All we ask is that the people shall investígate for themselves, and we do not f uur the result. FKAZEB, HARRIMAX & HAMILTOÏi, Office over tbc Navinir Bank 1476m6 Ann Arber, Mich. HARDWOOD & BA8SW00D LUMBEE FOR SALE. THE subscriber has on hand a good assortment of OAK, ASH, KLM, BASSWOOD, WHITEWOOD, and other varieties of Lumber, from 14 in. to 3 in. thick. ALSO, Fence Posts, Square Timber, Plank and Oak Studding of all sizes kept on hand or made to order on short notice. Particular at tention given to CUSTOM SAWING. Fence Posts planed, Oak PickAta kept on hand and w wed lo order. MOULDINGS of different patterns sawed to order FARM GATES : kept on hand and sold cheap. Particular attention given to furnishing bilis of timber of different lengths and sizes on the most realonable terms. SAWS GUMMED ON SHORT NOTICK. LOGS WANTED. I am preparod to pay CASH for sound Oak, Aah Basswood and Whitewood Loga delivered at my mili' r will buy and measure Logs in the woods within six niles of the mili. ■ar All sersons indebted to the late flrm of Wlnes k Hallock will please cali and settle theii aooounts at lit Mili. 3. T. HALLOCK. gpecial Noticc! FOR THE NEXT BO DAYS ZT %LYJkl TI - THE - A.lST]Sr AEBOR ii M .O TRADING Will aell their Spring and Summer stock OF DRY GO O DS, DRESS GOODS, C A.RPETT ISTGb At New York cost, FOR CASH piMLY. 500 nicely trimmed 16 bone Corsets at 50 cents, worth $1.00. 100 pieces Prints at 10 ets. per yard. 100 pieces Border Prints at 10 ets per yard. 50 pieces, yard wide. Bleaohed Muslins, fine and soft finish, at 12L ets per yard. Together with a very large Stock of other Goods which will be sold very cheap FOR CASH ONLY CO! Al SI FRICES. July 1, 1874. G. W. HAYS, Supt. JEW BAKEEY ! E. STILIWG, Would infoim hia numerous friends and the public generally, tbat he have fltted up the store lately oecupied by J. C. Watson & Co., 28 East Hurou St., asa Bakery and Confectionery Store, and hope by a strlct attention to business to merlt and receiye a rilare of patronage. Particular attention will be paid to the Ice-Cream Department, Weddinff Cakes, Pyramids, all kinds of Fruit Cakes, and Ioe-Cream furnished farailiee or parties on short notice. ïresh Fruit and Confectionery always on land. Goods delivered free of charge to any part of the city. Remember the place, No. 28 East Huron Street. Ann Arbor, May 27, 1874. : E. STILING. AmericaB CycIopaÉL Non JUvlsed EditlonKntinly rewritten by the biest writcrs od every subject. Trinted f rom iibw type, and illustrated witli Heveral Thousand Etiffruvinge and Maps. Tin: work oriffinolly publÍHliwl uuder the titlc of The New American ÜYOtopDU wan completed in 1S63, aince Indi time the wide circulation which it has ati iimwl in all parta of the United States, and the i;nal developmenta whiclt have taken place in every branch of acience, literature, and art, have iuduced the editora and publinhcrs to aubmit ít to an exact andthornugh revisión, and to issue a new editiuu eutitled The American Cïoloi'jbdia. Within the last ten years the progresB of discovery in every depaitmeut oí knowledge has made a uew work of reíerence an imperative want. The movoment cif polittcal nffairs hai kept pace with the discoveries of acience, and their fruitfufapplication to the industrial and usefnl arts and the cunvenielice aud retinemeut of aocial lite. Great wars aud consequent revolutious have occurred, involving natioual changea oí poculiar moment. The civil war of our own country, which was at its height when the laat volume of the oíd work appeared.haa happily boen ended, and a new oourse of oommercial anti industrial activity haa been commenced. Large acceanioua to our geographical knowledg hiivu beeu mude by the indetati'rable explore of Alrica. The great political revolutions of the last decade, with the natural result of the lapse of time, have brought into public view a multitude of new men, whose ñames are in every one'H mouth, bnd of whose lives every one is curious to know the particulars Great battles have heen fought aud important siegei maintained, of whioh the details are as yet preserved only in the newspapers or in the transient pnblications of the day, but which onght now to take thmr place in permanent and authentichistory. In preparing the present editiou for the preis, it has accordingly been the aim of the editora to brin down the information to the latest possible dates, and to furnish an accurate account ot the most recent discoveries in scienco, of ever } f resh production in literature, and of the newest inventions in the practical arts, as well aa to give a succinot and original record of the progress oí political and historical events. The work has been begun af ter long and careful prehminary labor, and with the most ampie resouroes tor carrying it on to a succeasful termination. None of the original stereotype platea have been used, but every page has been printed on new tjpe, forming in fact a new Cyclopiodia, with the same plan and compass as its predecessor, but with a far greater pecuiüary expenditure, and with such improvementa in ita compoaition as have been suggcsted by longer experionce ana enlarged kuowledge. The ïlluBtrations which are introduced tor the flrst time in the present edition have been added not for the sake of piotorial effect, but to give greater lucidity and forco to the explanationa in the text. They embrace all branches oí science and natural history and depict the most famous and remarkable features of scenery, architecture, and art, as well as the various procesaes of mechanics and manufactures. AIthough intended ior instruction rather than embelnahment, no pains have been pared to indure their artistic excellence ; the cost of their execution ia enormous, and it is believed they will find a welcome reception as an admirable feature of the Cyclopcedla and worthy of its high character. This work is aold to Hubscribera only, payable on dehvery of each volume. It will be completed in sixteen large octavo volumes, each containing about 800 pages, fully illustrated with several thousand Wood ftngravmgs, and with numerouecojored LithocraDhio Maps. " Prlce and Style of Binding. In extra Cloth, per voi. $s 00 In Library Leather, per vol. ñ 00 In Half Turkey Morocco, per vol. 7 00 In Half Russia, extra gilt, per vol. 8 00 In Pull Morocoo, antique, gilt edgcs, per vol. 10 00 In Full Russia, per vol. 10 00 Four volumes now ready. Succeeding volumes, intil completion, will be issued once in two months. 'Specimen pagea of (the Amkbican Cyolopxdia, ihowing type, iUustrationa, etc, will be sent gratia )n application. Pibst-Class Canvassins Agents Wamted. iVddresa the Publishers, . APPLLTOm ie CO., 849 c 551 HroiiiiHti), N. Y. BB If J g l fiPTJ CARBOLIC DISINFECTING SOAPS. ForwashlngHorses, Cattle, Plgs, Dogs; Kllls Fleas on Dogs, Destroya Llco on Cattle and Horses, Tlcks on Sheep. Death to Bed Bugs and Roaches; Cheaper and bet terthan all Powders. CARBOLIC TOILET SOAPS Whlten, Beautlfy and Cleanse the skin from all Impurltles. CARBOLIC MEDICINAL SOAP CURES M A OTHER Salt-Rheum ■ Cutaneou And all V W DISEASE8. CARBOLIC PLANT PROTECTOR. AfTords complete protectlon to piints, Vlnes, Trees, &c, from all Bugs, Fleas, Plant Llce and Parasites. Without InJury to Vegetable Life. Never falls. CARBOLIC SHEEP DIP The most efTectlve cure and preventl oi Scab-lt kllls all Llce Cads Tlcks' etc. The Increased growth and welght of fleece encouraged by lts use more tha equais the cost of the dip. -♦ Bcchan's Carbollc Boaps and Componnda alj aregenuine. All othera are base imitations Vorthlaw. aoLD BY ALL DBUGGI8T81 'HE MICHIGAN MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO. OF DETROIT. J. S. PAERAND, - - - President. W. A.MOüRE, - - - Vioe President JOHN T. LIGUETT, - - Secretary. L. M. THAYEE, - Oen'l Agent. Assets Jamiary lstj 1874 $500,335.41. The people of Michigan can no longer afford to Ïay tribute to Eastern States by placin? their Life nsurance with Eastern CompanieB, who by their charters are compelled to loan their money in their own Statea, thus becoming a heavy drain on the resources of the State, when we have ao reliable and well managcd Life Company as the MICHIGAN MUTUAL. In 1873 the business of the Company was increased Forty-eight and one-ball per cent. of the total araount done the previous ñve years This shows the MICHIGAN MUTUAL LIFE has the Confidence of the People. The lossea during the year 1873 were only FIFTYFIVE per ceut of tlie amcuat the mortulity tables cali for, showing great care in the selection of it risks. During the year 1873 there was a macerial reduction in the ratio of expenses showing CABEFUL MANAGEMENT. The Michigan Mntual issues U the most desirnble forms of Life and eiidowment Policies. Dividends Declared and Paid at the end of the First Policy Year and each year thereafter. All Policics non-forfeiting after one Animal Premium has been paid. All Endowment Policies are convertible into Cash Rt the end of any year after the flrst. Reliable indemnity at lowest Cash mus can be procured of tUc 'In liioriii mutual JMfe. GEO. L. FOOTB, Dis't Agent, Ypsilanti. J. a. A. Sessions, Agent, Ann Arbor. Gko. E. Foote. Agent at Dexter. JSWELLÏNG HOUSES FuE SALE A large and very well built brick house, with two or more lots. Two l&iae framed house. Also h gooá sized brick house and frumed house ; and a mail frame house on a good lot, intended foraddin? a front for sale on fair terms and a reasonable credit. Alsoother buildiugs, lots, and property. MONEY WANTED-Bo mauy wiahing to orrow money apply to me that I eau readily obtain tortenders good satisfaotory investmento at ten per Mnt. ntere ■ E. W. MORÖAK. Ann Arbor, April 23. 1873. 14S3tf ARGUS BULLETIN ! WANTED 2000 JÏEW SUBSCRIBERS WANTED. More Merchante aad Busiuess uien, who knowing their own interest will adyertise in the Akous. JET TOUK BILL-HEADS. CIRCULAR8. LETTER-HEADS, STATEMENTS, At the Argus Office. GET YOUK BALL CARD8, BUSINESS CARDS, TISITING CARDS, WEDDING CARDS, At the Argus Office. GET TOUR LAW BLANKS, LAW BRIEP8, LAW RECORDS, PROGRAMMES, AT THE AROUS OFFICE. New Type, Best Presses, Good Workmtn, AND REASONABLE PRICES ! J3f A WORD TO THE WISE. %. % J lr. J. Walker's California Vin"iïül' líjtterS are a purely Vegetable preparfition, mude chiefly frora the nativo IierbsfoutidOn the lower ranges of the Sierra Novada inoutitains of California, the medicinal properttea of which are extraetcá tlierefroru without the use of Alcohol. The question is almost daily asked, "What is the cause of the unparalleled success of VrvF.ovK Bitteks?" Onr answer is, that they remove the cause of disease, and the patiënt recovers his health. They are the great blood purifler and a life-giving principie, a perfect Kenovator and Invigorator of the system. Never before in the history of the world has a medicine been compon nded possessing the remarkable qualities of Vinegar Bitteks in liealing the sick of every disease man is heir to. They are a gentle Purgative as well as a Tonic, relieving Congestión or Icflammation of the Liver and Visceral Organs, in Bilious Diseases. If nien wiH enjoy crood Iicaltli, let them use Vixegar Bitters as a medicine, and avoíd the use of alcoholic stimulants in evei.' form. ïso Person can iio Iíicsí Bitters according to directions, and remain long unwell, provided their bones are not destroyed by mineral poison or othor meina, and vital orpins wasted beyond repair. Grateful Tliousands P'oclaim Vineoak BrrTERS the most wonderful Invigorant that ever sustained the sinking system. Bilious, Remittont, and" íntermitteilt Fevers, which are so prevalent in the valleys of our great rivers throughout the United States, especially those of the Mississippi, Obio, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colorado, Brazos, Eio Grande, Peari, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Roanoke, James, and many others, with their vast tributaries, throughout our entire country during the Summer and Autumn, and remarkably so during seasons of unusual heat and dryness, are invariably accompanied by extensive derangements of the stomach and liver, and other abdominal viscera. In their treatment, a purgative, exerting a powerful influence upon these varioas organs, is essentially necessary. There is no eathartic f or the purpose equal to Dr. J. Walkeb's Vinegab Bitters, as they will speedily remove the dark-colored viscid matter with whieh the bowels are loaded, at the same time stimulating the secretions of the liver, and generally restoring the healthy function3 of the digestiva organs. Dyspepsia or Indigestión, Head aohe.Pain in the Shoulders,Coiighs,Tightness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour Èructations of the Stoinach, Bad Taste in the Mouth, Bilious Attauks, Palpitation of the Heart, Inflammation of the Lungs, Pain in the región of the Kidueys, and a hundred other painful symptoms, are the offsprings of Dyspepsia. One bottle will prove itetter guarantee of its merits than a lengnff advertiaement. Scroiula, or King's Evil, White Swellings, Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swelled Neck', Goitre, Scrofulous Inflammations, Indolent Inflammations, Mercurial Affeutions, Old Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, Sore Eyes, etc., ete. In these, as in all other constitutional Diseases, "Waikeb's Vinegab Bjtteks have ehown their great carative powera in the most obstinate and intractable cases. For Inflaramatory and Chronic Kheumatism, Gout, Bilious, Remittent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys, and Bladder, these Bitters have no equal. Such Diseases are , caused by Vitiated Blood. i Mecbamcal Diseases.- Persons engaged in Paints and Minerals, such as Plumbers, Type-setters, Gold-beaters, and Miners, as they advance in life, are subject to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard against this, take a dose of Walkkr's Vinegab Bittebs occasionally. For Skin Diseases, Eruptions,Tetter, 8a]t Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Boils, Carbuncles, Bingworms, Scald Head, Sore Eyes, Erysipelas, Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of the Skin, Humors and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name Or nature, are literally dug up and carried out of the system in a short time by the use of these Bitters. Pin, Tape, and otlier Worms,inrking in the system of so many thousands, are effectuallv destroyed and removed. No system of medicine, no vermifuges, no aathelminitics, will free the system from worms like these Bitters. For Female Cqmplaints, in young or old, married or single, at the dawn of womanhood or the turn of life, these Tonic Bitters display so decided an influence that improvement is soon perceptible. Jaundice. - In all cases of jaundice, rest assured that your liver ia not doing ita work. The only sensible treatment is to promote the secretion of the bile and favor its removal. For this purpose use VOTEaAB BnTEBS. Cleanse the Vitiated Blood whenever you find its impurities bursting through the skin in Pimples, Eruptions, or Sores; cleanse it when you find it obstructed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it when it is f oul ; your f eelings will teil you when. Keep the blood pure, and the nealth of the system will follow. K. II. JlíDONALI) 4c CO., Druggists and General Agenta, San Francisco, Califor. nú, aud cor. Washington and Charlton Sta., New York. oll h all Urussrtsta aud Dealers. I AMK MoMAHON, Justice ofthe Peace, Office in new block, North of Court Houa Money collected and promptly paid over. INSURANCE A6KNT. Triumph, aseéis, $727.903 11 North Hlwuri, " 845,417.91 Hibernia, " 350,000.00 KKAL E8TATB. I hvo 80 acres of land '4 of a mile froin the citj imiti, flnely locatod for fruit or garden purposes. Alio 40 acres. Aleo 10 acres, with honse and harn.and a MtcI etroam of waterrunningthroiigh the barn yard. 60 acres, a mlleotU. I will scll any or all the above cbeap, or exchanee forcltpropeny. 'W JAMES McMAHON. Notice oí Dissolutiou of Partnership. Notice is hereby given that the partnership lately subsistlnR between Edward Stiling and William Htiling, of the city of Ann Arbor, in the county of Washtenay and State of Michigan, under the flrni of Brothers, was dissolved on the twenty ninth day of July, 1874, by mutual consent. All debts owing to the said partnership are to be received by said Edward Stiling, and all demanda on the said partnership are to be presented to him for payraent. Dated, Ann Arbor, JnJy 30, 1874. EinVAKD STILINO, WILLIAM 8TILINÖ. YÁKE NOTICE ! Wool time and " after Harvest" both passed I have had many proraises of payment at these time. I am now ready, if you are not. I ask you to mske youreelf ready on short notice, if you are not ready, J. will take nsht hold and help you. The pay I must have. My creditors demand it. Puttinir it off on account of low prices of produce, don't pav my debts. Yours. H3m3 M. ROÖEE8. i MRS. H. J. HILTON, M. D., Physician and Surgeon, I Office and Residente No. 88 Ann Street, corner oflngalh, Ann Arbor, Mich. i W Office Hours- 8 to 10 a. m., and 2 to 4 r. m. -a f' [Stermcts- Prof. Saokb, Pkof. Palmer. l 1493yl I Mortgage Sale. rHEREASdefault has been made in u. i ■■"{! w :' ;ertain n'ogage made and e,0 by I.lyahW. Morgan and I.iicy w s ïï„ ïtti wife, toSita. H. l".".,!:, hearing date theS" ' k-; day of February, in the yeav 182, and 3'l the office of the i:.-i-t.',-i,f iel, i„ .ll eonntyof Wrahtenaw, in the State ,t iiífl)t fti ! I hVy' .'""i ' e, on page 2B6, by wafeb '"U il1 powi otalneS in said .uonZfi"1" come operatiTe, and there U claimed t„ ü? , baa I mortgage t the date of thi, tbeaumol Iwo ilmusamt and aUty-ebc X"" forty-seven cents, and no suit or nroipediiï ha I ii ii.sli I n, i.,,v.:r Iliesaiue 01 ■ " '" thereof: Notlce urtherefore Qereby t-hen J "f Monday, tuk SeOOITD dav OF NovEXBm 'ÍÍS ten o'clock in tbe forenoon, by rirtneof tí. , T jaid mortgage contained, raid mortgage win i " cloneabya Ie of the mortgaged pmnis", ' partof them, al public venïue to üLS" at thesbttthdoorof theCourl Bouw in tt.151 A ii n Arhor, in sai.iK, i,,,i ,,ƒ Wanlitcnaw f L?" the jBlaeewhere the Circuit Court foraatt 2fJ?l held); Baid mortgaged premiseare drllijMn towa, f, wil : All ,,„J. „„■„.K-of ianöTwSi S '■'. y. "TA"" All""' '" M county of Waihtdi, State of Michigan, known and describa ?fe "H oureeu, Bfteen, seventeen (except lot „„i"s' block twenty, in Ormsby A rade's ulilit;,,,. all the lndiying beteen tffi ? ctaíJ Hurón and the Sinclair mili race below the i "" abare the Woolen Factory, aaid block fourtS" tending northerly abore thp dam and casteril , center oj the river, and including the sharV i dam anii water power appurtenant to the rirtik or vaaterly bant, of aid river at Baid dam .- the priyilegM and appurteu ' "M Dated, August (iih i s? j .S.FK,.,,,, BLABttDOOgg A.ttornej tor Hortgagee. 1490td " Mortgage Saio. ■ JEFAILT havingbeen mae in the conditi, ÍS a certwu mortgage executed by Soloo S" Adelaide Lewitt (to becuro the puichjM ■ ' land therein described), on tlie rbrst dajTof vf" 18(i7, and recorded in the office ol Keuwter ï'tLi tor the county of Wushtenaw and State „L aan, on the seventh day of May, a ij Líber 36 of Mortüages, op page 491; ml' Í? ; algned by Baid Aaelalde Lewitt to SilasH n? ou the 25th day of April, 187(1, which assimmï?1 j recorded in said RegiBter's office in Liber 2 of i " menta of Mortgagea, on page 501, on saidatkJ April, 1870; and iurther B8)tned by said n ! Douglass to Irene Clark, on the 24th dar of lvïl a. d. 1S73, which lust asiiignment waá reím? aid Kegister's office on said 24th day of Smi.1 ! 1873, in Liber 4 of Assignments of MortoS I page 180; and was further assigned by Sit' Ctark to Orange R. Young, on the 23d dat ( i 184, which last assignment was reoorded inmji1 ïater's office on the Uth day of April, 1S74 t ]" of Mortgages, on page 4(S, by which oef,, ,'f ' : power of sale contained in aaid mortguge bai ( ï operative, on which mortgage there is claimeó . due at the date of this noticc, for principal un' ' and Insurance, and Attoruey fee as providéi 1 f uaid mortgage, the sum of one thouBand eirtil.' dred dollars and üfty-tive cents, and no suite, ceeding at law er in equity having been inxitnL recover the amount dne oi said morlga on thereof : Now. therefore, notice is liereby irivi "' by virtue of the power of sale conuined h mortgage, I shall sell at public auction at the JS door of the Court House in the city of Aan ),w that being the building in which the Circuil il for said county of Washtenaw is held- on SwriT THE TwmtTT-ÏOUBTH I)AY OF ÜCTOBEE KEÏI ,,,'' o'clock in the forenoon of that day, the fü premisos described in said mortgage, viz.: n j certain tracts or parcela of land situated in tli of Ann Arbor, in the county of WaahtennS btate of Michigan, known and described m tb,, three-fourths of lot number six (BJ, and theirMU Í of lot number seven [71, in block one (11 mai lange six (i) east, according to the recorded tk' j the villagè of Ann Arbor, in said county of Wui' naw, or so nnich or such part or parts thereof ut benecessary to satisfy thü amount due uixi mort gage. UatedJuly 31, 187 i. (fKANGE B. YOUNG, Aluin A. ,T. Sawïf., Atty. tor Assignee. Mortgage Sale. rEFAULT having occurred in the conditioK, JL certain mortgage, dated the Kixtemth dn,' .November, in the yeur one thousand eiht b I and sixty-eight, executed by Samuel M. BnU I and Amanda Burbank, bis wife, of the tomubr ■ Ann Albor in the county of Washtenaw uHu of Michigan, to James W. Hinchey, of thetnah of Putnain in the county of Livingston and mJ of Michigan, and recorded in the office of Üula. ! ïster of Deeds of said county of Washtemw aZ ' seventeenth day of November, in the yearoMIk 1 sand eight hundred and sixty-eight, in bier tita. '■ mne of mortgages, on paite tïiree hundral ui eighty-three thereof. on which mortgege there I claimed to be due, at the date of this noti Ui ! sum of onn thousand one hundred and nineteeiW Í ars and sixty cents, and the power of sale contad ! n said mortgage having become operative bview f of such default, and no suit or proceedüigi itln I laving been mstituted to recover the debtremiiiii secured by said mortgage or any part thereof: S tice is therefore hereby given, tbat by virtue ollk power of sale in said mortgage contained, aidoftU statute in such cases made and provided, the il mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the aal ;aged premises in said mortRage, described u ft wit: All that certain piece or paral of lui ituatedin the township of Ann Arbor, couitii Washtenaw and State of Michigan, knowB and Ie cribed as lbllows, to wit : Being a part of the ra'i ivest quarter of section thirty in township twoofri j lx east, beginning at a point in thequartnli! he center of the road leading southwesterly In he city of Ann Arbor ; thence Bouth along (x uarter line of said section twenty-tlireeduiund orty-four links to the quarter post; thence int ilong the section line eight chaina and eighty-wi mks; thenee north parallel with the qnarter line wenty-one chains and seventy links to tbe centffrf aid road ; thence along said road to the place of eginning, containing twenty acres of land, 0 much thereof as shall be necessary to satisíy ti mount due on said mortiitge with tn per cenl nterest thereon and legal cos'ts and an ín f flfty dollars covenantcd for therein, it the mA oor of the Court House in the city of Xwi kiwt, 1 said county of Waihrenaw, that bemg ftii ïUb f holding the Circuit Court for Baid coiiüty, on , 'HUKSDAY, the FIFTH DAY of NOVEMBER NEXÏ.i: ne o'clock in the afternoon of said day : that tui ale will be made subject to the payment of tk Bvcral installments of principal nd interest ecinl L y and yet to become due on said mortgage. Dated, July 28, 1D74. JAMES W. HINCHEY, t. H. Harmon, Morkagee. I Atty. for Mortgngee. 148'jtd Estáte of John Reyer. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, O At a session of the Probate G'ourt for the Couil of Washtenaw, holden ut the Probate Office, is út City of Ann Arbor, on Monday, the teoth dr of August, in tiie yeur one thoutumd eight hun' dred and seventy-four. Present, Noah W. Cheever, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of John lieyei, ie ceased. Leonhard (ïruner, Administrutor of said tate, comes into couit and repreBents tht heiino prepared to render his linal account && auch Aa ministratoi . Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, ttl seventh day of September next, at ten o'clk in the forenoon be assigned for the examina and allowing such account, and that the beifl at law of said deceased, and all other peiw interested in said estáte, are required to pp at a session of said C'ourt, then to be holden al tb Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, il i county, and show cause, ii any there be, wliy then"! account ahould not be allowed : And it i fuif" ordered, that said Administrator give notice to til persons interested in said estáte, oí the pendil1 said account and the hearing thereof, bycauamglfW of this order to be published in the Michigan Áriva newspaper, printed and cireulating in said coIT three successive weeks previous to said day of bw ing. (A true copy.) NOAH W. CHEEVEK. HUI ■ Judge of Preto Estáte of Charles Behr. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Waihteuw O At a aession of the Probate Ccurt for the Countr Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office in the W of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, the eleventh day of 1'; gust, in the year one thousand eight hundred ' seventy-four. Present, Noah W. Chccver, Judgc of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Charles Behr, ilceased. Philip Bach and Anna Louise Behr, Ai istrators of said estáte, come into court and repff sent that they are now prepared to render tlteirdn account as such Administrators. Thereupon it is ordered. that Tuesday, the fifties'' day of September next, at ten o'clock in the foreni be assigned for examining and allowiug Buch w counts, and that the heirs at law of said da" and all other persons interested in said MtK' are required to appear at a session of sid O1 then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the W of Ann Arbor, in said County, and show cause, f15! there be, why the Baid account should oot t "J lowed : And it is iurther ordered, tht " Administratorsgive notice to the persons interest!' said estáte, of the pendency of said account, and hearing thereof, by causing a copy of this order M published in the Michigan Argm, a newspaper pn"'" and cireulating in suid County, three successiw W" previous to said day of hearing. (A true copy.) NOAH W. CHEEVER, 1MI Judge of Prol' SherifPs Sale. STATE OP MICHIGAN, Washtenaw Coni I ïiy virtue of an exeoution issued out of Qj der the seal of the Circuit Court for the cotm'I I Washtonaw, and to me direeted and döliT I against the goode, chattles, lands and teDemenw'J Matthew C. Dubois, I have this twenty-third tW May, A. D. 1874, seized and levied upon U right, titlo, and interest Matthew C. Duboil W' , and to the following lands, towit: The soutl'" quarter of the southeast quarter of section do" mneteen; i.lso east half of the northeast qnsrK'J f seotion thirty, town three south range tbree f, I in the township of Sharon, Waahtenaw connty.S' I of Michigan, which above deecribed property I expose for sale to the highest bidder, at the J" i I door of the Court House, in the city of Ann A' f on the flfth day of September, A. D 187 ' IB I I o'clock a. m. of said day. Dated, July 29, 1874. 148td M. FLEMING, SheriffSTATE Oí' MICHIGAN, Fourth Judicial CWf ? -in Chancery. James L. Mitchell, Compl"""1 ' t. Lucy E. Mitchell, Benjamin F. Hudson, C' inel'. Hudson, John A. Mitchell, ChaunceyB. V& ell, John V. Marble, George E. Southwick, FrU I Russell, Asnignee of said Southwick, DefendM Suit pending in the Circuit Court for the e0"0!,!0], Washtenaw, in Chancery, at Ann Arbor, on the 3 day July, 1874, upon prooi by affidavit on ilcu"! said defendants Lucy E. Mitehell, Beninmin F. H' on, Catharine P. Hudson, John A. Mitchell, " Chauncey E. Mitchell reside out of the State of Mi'J' igan, ind do reside at Atchieon. in the State of WJj sas ; that the defendant John P, Marble resiae1 o of the State of Michigan, and does reside at Won"; ter, in the Stato ot Massachusetts : It is, on motl of H. J. Beakes, Esq, Solicitor for complain"1! „ dered that the said defendants Lucy E. Mit!1' Benjamin F. Hudson, Catharine P. Hndson, Jn. f' Mitchell, Chauncey E. Mitchell, and John F. UW' appear in said suit und answer the bill of covPa therein, withm three months from this date; &' also that this order be published once in each for six weeks in succeswion, in the Michigan c', ei newspaper printed in ïtaid county, the flist Pu ïfttion to De within twenty daya from this date. J. F I.AWRENCE, 3iicuit Court Commissioner, Washtennw Cou'. ' Michigan. H. J. Beakes, Sol'r for Comp't. . (A true copy.) U91w_ TAKE NOTICE. I have this day employed Mr. Clark, who, '"L'!"! aat20years, has had charge of the Cook "?, larn, and Farmers or others who wish their Bw íd and watered according to orders, at rea? _ tes, will flnd the " Old Reliable" at the Moni i ivery Stable, Cor. Hurón and Second strest. Ann Arbor, May 14, 1874. J. V. GREQOET, PWP'


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