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Submarine Armor

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Cnpt. Taylor has been rnnking experimenté ni ihe Washington iXavy Yard with bis sübmhrine arrnor. The correspondent of the Baltimöre Patriot sayslhat ilicy were very succeasful lic givcs the füilowIlïg'dMüfiptii : The bel sa heavy, oMongconlri vaneo made of copper, and hung about with woighis, :hc bi.o jfn lia!f-ijiisi;el. Si.x or eighl persona rrtigïii stand tip in it. TbèVe is a plKiform ñenr the botfórn oTthe Bell, liot cxlciuiing ncross it íiowever, on is stand w!io "wisli to go 10 thc'bollom !:' Ou this occasion, liio f Jon. Mr. Yanond iwn otfier geniiemen; oamèd SulUyan nnd, Rohinson, ol.tained ihc consent of Cnpl. Taylor lo go down in compnny willi; him. All hut Mr. Rt.binson, encasod thcir neiher limb.-j ip Ji,du ,ubhor hie.xjiressjblet, :uil tire foyc theü goi over iho side ol" l!io vessel and np undi-r nnd inlo ihe bell, v ch was ihon göiuiy lowered ly lackfe to ;ho hoaom, sotne two fnlhotris der-p. A tube, nbout an inch in diameter, is Mlnehcd to fhe bcll, ihro' wiii.rh l'vcsh air i.s constnr.tly pumpcd or forced for the benefit of the ininates wbüe under yrattif. This (orces a córistnni body ló escnpe fro'm undcr the boll, wlw'c'h s?:rids the watir and mud bubbling to lbo siwfhce furiopsiy. The grntiorrien lémained under water about tweniy minutos, and while there lit n Inrnp and wrolo r'tncfSfige, which llioy tteni u) in a.rnhbnr satchcl atiached to n cord, (luit ti.oy would like n bofilc ol champagne. Wliereupon ono of the hands on board put on the Submarino armor, made of rubber, with copper fastenings around ihe, and a eöppef hend wilh n glóss window in front, and was hoistec! rivcrboard with ihe bottle of champagne in hand, look ing for olí the world ükea hugo tarrnpin. soinewhat eïohgafed! ile look ihechaiijpngne down lo ihegenlitnpii, hantiing the botlle ín m:der the rim of tlio br!l, which resied not on he bot torn., but, as I .supposc. on tbc weights attacbed to t!ic rim, and then walked off, round about, sonieiirneson the bollom and somciime.s spla.shing on the sur fa je. It was rc.xïïy nrnusing to sec this submarine rnessenger at last hoi.stcd up the side of the vesseJ, looking lar more like a seamonster than a human being. One of the persons who went down, gives an account of the descent, in which lie siys: Tiip ilrhi senspliQn ofter being immersed benpa:!) tlie í-iiríace of the walcr, was one of extreme uheasiness in the whole rfgion of the tympanum. with as'ensátfÓTl of oppression on the chest, which iucreased constantly until we had reached the bottoiti of the rivcr. Afterthisa note was sent up by Capl. 'i'avlor, and an answer received, with a botlle of very passtible champagne, wliich wt.s drfti.k below the waler. Somc ten minutes before a lamp hrtd been lightcd, by ineans of wliich we wcre ableiodislint.uis!) oach olhers laces. While bnlow nd slaüunairv. there wasut littiedi1.; tv. con ihe vSRiisalion vc expcricncod r.rA 'lint ruÓst of us are anitjü r wiiii n : closo roora. As l!;o boll uas rai&C!] ngrun, t!ic samo icnse of ir. ensillen rpiiü r.nj, wliich be;aine tnoro üitcnse ns we renclud tl.o urfacè of thé water. Aftc-r llio rim of ho bell had pssed tho sur face of ihe vnoi-, aiul tlic cold air rushed in, ihc of tho aTrndèhero w;is so greot as te oxciie nnich jjain. W'o remained beluw probably twonty miiitiles.