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The Nile

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The land of Egypt was a gift of tho river Nile. It was this way : Ouce this country, now so fertile, was nothiug but a barren desert, like that of the Great Sahara, which lies near it. The river Nile had to rlow through this desolate country to get to tbe sea, and every year brought down i'rom tho rich lands of Abyssinia as much fertile soil as he could carry, and, overñowing bis banks, spread it all over the sandy desert as far as he could roach. By doing this year after year ho turned the desert into a fruitful land. Sometimes he would bring down so inuch rich soil that he would have more than he could spread on tho sandy plain. This he would take down and drop into the sea, until at last, in the course of ages, he had built up there a triangular piece of vcry fertile land, called the Delta of the Nile. The whole has forniod a very rich present to the world. Whitfield once produced a profound sensation in church in this way : " You seem to think salvation an easy matter." " Oh ! just as easy as tor me to caten that insect passing by me." He made a grasp at a ñy, real or imaginary. Then he paused a moment and oponed bis hand - " But I have missed it."


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