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Royal Religions

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the legal head of Episcopal Ohurcli of Eugland and the Presbyterian Churoh of Scotlaud. When sho is in England her Presbyterianisin ispraotically called " dissent," and when she recrosses the ïweed into Sootland her Episoopalianism becomes " dissent " there. She has a morbid hatrod of ritualism. The Prince of Wales is inolined to ritualistic ceremonies, while nis eldest sister, the Crown Princess of Germany, is a Lutheran ; his brothor-iu-law, Lord Lorne, is a Presbyterian ; another brother-in-law, the Crown Prince of Prussia is a Protsstant Lutheran ; a sister-iu-law, the Duchess of Ediuburgh, is a Greek Catholic ; her husbantl is a Low Church Episoopalian ; the other brothers and sisters are Episcopaliaus and Presbyteriaus by turn, their particular creed dependiug upon their residence tor tho time beiug. The Princess of Wales is naturally bewilderod with the inanifold religions of her royal relations, and clings to the Lutheran i'aith she was taught in Denmark. " Your hand writing is very bad indeed," said a gentleman to a frienl more addicted to boating than to ttudy ; "you really ought to leara to write botter. " Ay, ay," replied the young man, " it's all very wull lor you to teil me that ; but if I was to write better, people would fiud out how I spell."


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