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Trenton, Sopt. 15. - The New Jersey Democratie State Convention, before taking a recess, af ter temporary organization, adopted a resolution in favor of an act providing for a fair pro rata freight tariff on all roads in order to prevent unequal and unjust discrimination and infringement on the rights of the people by compelling one class to pay more freight and fare than others. The Democratie State Convention organized by the election of Jacob Vanatta, chairman, with U8ual complements of officers. The committee on resolutions, through ex-Governor Randolph, reported a series of lengthy resolutions. The first is in favor of rigid restrictions of the government both State and national. The second favors cqual political rights for all men, condemning the acts of violence enacted by adventurers in some of the States. The third is in favor of the restoration of gold and silver as the only true basis of currency. The fourth advocates a tariff for revonue, and in favor of revenue reform. The fifth opposes the Civil Rights bill as detrimental to the cause of education and fatal to the race in whose interest it is ostensibly required. The sixth urges the repeal of the gaglaw. The seventb opposes the government of municipalities by legislativo commission. The eighth opposes a third Presidential term. The ninth sympathizes with laborers out of einployment. The tenth claims to have contributed by Democratie votes to the General Eailroad law. The eleventh holds that corporations should be held to the faithful performance of duty. The twelfth says the illegal issue of paper pronmes in payuient of wages is an unjustifiable imposition, and tends to tho monopoly of trado. Then follows twelve reasons wby the Republican administration is no longer cntitled to the oonfidence of the people. ïho resolutions were adopted. The Convention was then called for nomination. All the counties named Judge Bodle, of Hudson County, unanimously, exoept Camden, which cast threo votes for Charles Haight, and Hudson, which cast two for John N. Bird. Haight was withdrawn, and the nomination of Judgo Bedle was made unanimous. After making provisión for a committee to inform Jndge Bedle of his nomination, and for the appointnient of a State Central Committee, the Convontion adjourned. The Bonapartist roaction was not so strong at the election in tlio French department of Maine-et-Loire, last Sunday, aa at some of the previous elections. The Republicana polled 45, 000 votos out of 9G,000, tho tists 25,000, the MacMalion candidato 26,000. In 1871, in the same department, the Republicana obtained only 15,000 votes. As there was no choice the eloction will be held over again. The Bonapartist candidato will withdraw. The re-election of Maille, tl ie present Iiepublican member, is, thereïbre, pretty well assured.


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