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The State Ticket And Platform

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At the head of this column wiil be found the names of the candidates placed in nomination for the several State offices, by the Democratie State Convention held at Kalamazoo last week. The nominations, as will be seen by the proeeedings of the convention in another column, were made with great unanimity, a unanimity which is a tribute to tho worth of the candidates individually. Mr. Chambeblain, who heads the ticket, is better kuown to tho Democracy of Western Michigan than to his political friends and colaborers in Eastern Michigan. He is a farmer and besides largely eugaged in business. Ouco or twice before his name has been mentioned in connection with a gubematorial nomination, and four years ago he waa a candidato for Congress against Gen. Stoughton and made a capital run. His neiglibors all speak well of both his capacity and integrity, and we bespeak for him the hearty support of every Democrat in thia seetion. We will not go through the list with individual comment. None of the candidates will suffer from a comparison with their opponenta, while, aa a whole, the ticket haa been made up with a bet ter regard to location, and without discriminating against the great agricultural and laboring classes. Each and every man on it has the Jeffersonian qualifiuations : is honest and capable, and will provo faithful to the trusts iinposed upon them by an election. ; And the candidatos are placed upon an admirable platform ; a platform doclaring for local home governmeut ; f'or a reform of the currency and a return to specie payment8; for arevenue tariff and against olass legislation ; and for an honest and economical adniinistration of both the National and State governments. There are no evasions ; no resolutions to be read one way in one couuty and another in a different location ; no saying one thing and meaning something else. Even Republicana commend its frankness : the Detroit Tribune pronouncing the ├▒nancial plank the best of the year, and the New York Evening Post saying that candidatos placed on such a platform deserve to be elected. With such a ticket and such a platform, no Dcmocrat need offer apologies for his position, and all electora dissatisfied with the Republican candidatos cannot hesitate what to do. The convention did its work well, and it now remains for the intelligent and independent voters to do as well : that is vote for the Democratie ticket.


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