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They Won't Learn

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Western llepublicans refuse to learn from the fate whioh has already overtaku the unfortunato Judge Poland in ennont, and which is close upon the heels of the like of Judge Poland in other States, that this is a desperately bad year '"r. political camels and dromedaries l'olund failed to be eleoted in Vermont argfely bocause ho was handicapped with the Ralary-grab hump. The Republicana uf the Seventh District of Michigan have just nominated for the Forty-fourth Coagrees Mr. Cotiger, who is also handicapped with the salary-hump, and the liepublicans of the First District of Minnesota have "sent off" in the race for (kmgreRs their salary-grab camel in the person of Mr. Dunncll. Dunnell, it wil e ïeuitinbered, telegraphed his builder to begin liauling sand to be used in build 'ng for hun a house as soon as the salar; grab pnssed the House. The Eepubli Cna of the Sovonth District of Michi gan and of the First District of Minne sota give the country to undorstand tha y rBuouiiüating Cuugor and Dunnell fo the Porty-fourth Congress they unquali nedly approve not only these two taintei inembers, but the stealing of back pay frora the treasury as welL Republican elsewhore show themsolvos quite as sharneless in renominating their corrupt representativos and leaders. - N. Y. World. The May term of the Circuit Court carne to an end (by aid of the statute oí limitations) on Saturday last, and the September torin ra opened on Monday. The new term oaleudar shows the following case3 noticed : Criminal, - - - - V'' Issues of Facts, ... - i' Imparlance, - Chancery - Ist class, - - - S " - 2nd " " - 4th " - - - 3 The following cases have been disposed of np to date : D. D. Fitzgerald vs. Abraham l'olhemus'and ti L. Unterkircher. Plea withdrawn ; judgment for plaintíff $289.83, and costs 826. Jennie Tucker vs. Joseph Tuckor. Decree of divorco granted. Christian Hack et al. vs. John öchaffer et al Jadgmont on default ; damages $185.50. Addison P. Cook vs. Chas. H. Eiohmond and John J. Robison. Decreo and order for sale John Kichards vs. Benjamin E. Nichols. Fina! judgment, $97.40. Chas. E. Hayward and Jonathan Briggs vs. Thos F. Leonard. Judgment on default ; damages $652.13. The People is. Le Eoy Boain, Rape. Ordw forfeiting recognizance. The People vs. Chas. H. Edwards. Information for larceny. Verdict guilty. William H. Harper vs. Newton Felch and Jacob Seabolt. Order forexecution agaiust surety. The Poople vs. George Cununings. Larceny from person. Verdict guilty. The People ts. John Martin. Information for burglary and larceny. Plea of not guilty withdrawn and plea of guilty entered. The People vs. G. W. McEwing. Information for forgery. Plea of not guilty withdrawn and plea of guilty entered. The People vs. Henry Depew. Petty larceny. Appeal from Justice. Verdict, not guilty. - The following cases were disposed of at the adjourned term ending last week: laimah Root vs. Mortimer Root. Verdict for plaintiff, Ï118. 3rastus Thatcher vs. Clarissa G. L. Buckingham. Verdict ior plaintiff, $162. In the matter of tlie appeal of Wm. Campbell from the decisión of the commissioners on tho estáte of Wm. H. Aulls, deceased, disallowing the claim of said Campbell against said estate. Verdict for appellaat, $500. Michaol O'Hara and Wm. O'Hara vs. Judson & Taylor. Verdict for plainhffs, $564 34. Christian Mack et al. vs. S. N. Gage et al. Default. Damages, $223.95. David E. Wilson et al. vs. David Edwards. Default. Judgment, $132.29. lenry Oppenhoinier vs. Henry Fuldman. Judgment, $104.25. First National Bank of Ypsilanti vs. Burke Spencer et al. Judgment on default, $629.59. Geo. Schmidt vs. John A. Volz et al. Decree for complainant. Damages, $548.91. "no. Costello vs. Jno. Lavy. Decree for complainant. Damages, $580.04. Orlando M. Poe vs. Hiram Storms. Decree for complainant. Damages, $1214.24. Amelia Roth vs. Paul R. Roth. Decree of divorce granted. Jartillo Warner vs. Watson Snyder. Discontinued. The Colorado election held on the 8th nat., resulted in a complete Democratie victory. Patteeson, Demoorat, was leeted to Congress by a large majori ty A gain.


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