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The President's Proclamation

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Washington, Sept. lo. - The rresient has just issued the following procamation : Whereas, It has been satisfactorily repreonted to me that turbulent and disorerly persons have combined together with forcé and arms to overthrow the tato goTernnient oí' Louisiana and to esist the laws and constituted authoriies of said State ; and Whereas, It is provided in the Constiution of the United States that the Jnited States shall proteot every State n this unión, on application of the Legslature, or the Executive, when the jegislature cannot be convened, against lomestic violenoe ; and, whereas, it is srovided in the laws of the United States that in all cases of insurrection n any State or the obstructioa of the aws thereof, it shall be lawful for the 'resident of the United States, on appliation of the Legislature of such State, r of the Executive, when the Legisla;ure cannot be convened, to cali for the militia of any other State or States, or ;o employ such part of the land and aval f'orces as shall be judged necessary ot the purpose of suppressing such inurrection or causing the laws to be duly xeouted ; and Whereas, The Legislature of said State s not now in session and cannot be conened in time to meet the present emerjenoy, and the executive of said State, under section 4 of article 4 of the Contitution of the United States and the aws passed in pursuance thereof, has herefore made application to me for such jart of the military forces of the United itates as may be necessary and adequate o protect said State and the citizens hereof against domestic violence, and to nforce tho due execution of the laws ; and, whereas, it is required that whenver it may be necessary, in the judgment of the President, to use the military orce for the purpose aforesaid, he shall brthwith, by proclamation, command uch insurgents to disperse and retire eaceably to their respective homes withn a limited time. Now, therefore, I, U. S. Grant, Presient of the United States, do hereby make proclamation, and commaud said urbulent and disorderly persons to dis)erse and retire peaceably to their respec;ive abodes wiihin ñve days. In witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand, and caused the seal of the Jnited States to be affixed. Done at the City of Washington, this 5th day of September, in the year of our Lord 1874, and of the independence of the United States tho 98th. By the President, U. S. GRANT. Hamilïon Fisir, Secretary of State.


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