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HÍOTICE. Warm meáis furnished at all hours. Oysters in allstyles at Stiling's. No. 28 East Huron St., Ann Arbor. m i i - i - i i i m Mrs. Doctor Hitton would inform her patrons and riends that she has decided to remain in Ann Arbor, nd may be found at her office as usual, No. 88 Ann treet, corner of Ingalls, ready to attend calis in til f r country. August 2Cth, 1874. 1493w4 . -6 Tlie only place to purchase goods cheap for ash, is at the Ann Arbor Trading Association, where hey are selling all kinds of Dry Goods cheap - to lose out their Summer stocK. 1485tf G. W. HAYS, Supt. Centaur Liulments lave cured more wonderiui caóes of rheumatism, ches, pains, swellings, frost-bitee, caked breaste, urns, scalds, salt-rheum, &c, upon the human rame, and strains, spavin, galla, &c, uopn animáis, n one year, than all other pretended remedies have ince the worldbegan. Certiflcates of remarkabte urea accompany each bottle, and will be sent gratis o any one. There is no pain which these Liniments will not relieve, no swelling they will not eubdue or ameness they will not cure. This is strong lanpiage, but it Í8 true. No family or stock-owner can fford to be without Centaur Biniments. White Wrapper for family use ; the Yellow Wrapper for nimals. Trioe, EO ets.; large bottles, $1.00. J. B. Eose & Co. 53 Broadway, New York. CciNtoria. is more than a eubstitute for Castor OU. It is the only safe article iu existence which is ertain to regúlate the bowels, cure wind-colic and roduce natural aleep. It is pleasant to take. Nb more sleepless mothers or crying babies. Price 36 ts. per bottle. 1481yl


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