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Aüw Abbob, Tuubsd ay, Sop. 171874. Aprc.ES.- 25@3Cc. Butteb- Ï5o. Cobn- 75@80c. per bu. Chiokens- Dressed 14r Eaaa - Comraand 13c Hat - $lü@15 per ton, according to quality. Honey - In cap, 25c. Lard- The market stands at - -r ' Onions- $1.00. HA .tili 1 Oats- 40c. POTATOES- $3O@4Oc. Peaches - 50c. per basket. TüENIPB- 3OC. Wheat- White, $05@1.05; Amber $.S;@1.( TUBKEYS- 13c. Tomatoes -38c. per buDetroit ProduceMarkct. jatest quotations for leading articles of country iroduce - Sept., 17 are as follows : Wheat- white, $.90@1.15 ; amber 1.00 @1 .09. Babley- $1.60@2.10 per cental. KïE- 6O@7Oc. per bu. Cobn- 75@80c. 'f' Oats- 46@49c. PoTATOES - 5ö@60c. ff Hay- 13@$21. BüTTEB- 25@28c. Eoo8-i4@i6c. hooi! Lard-11@12c. Honey- 22@26cWool- 36@43c. per lb. Detroit Live Stock Markpl. From the Detroit Free Presa. Monday Evenino, Sept. 14. The total receipts for the last two weeks were as follows ; Por the week ending Sept. 14. Sept. 7. Tbrough State. Thro. State. Horses 81 1 30 1 Cattle 1,509 1,424 1,301 723 Hogs 10,804 1,180 12,220 2,905 Sheep 15 cars. 170 19 cara There was a brisk Sunday market for cattle and liberal amouuts were shipped East. Sales of best quality choice beef cattle, averaging 1,350 Ibs, occurred at ?ó.8O ; fat oxen, averaging 1,700 Ibs, sold at $5.40 ; good to choice butchers and shippers, averaging 1,000 Ibs, sold at $5a 5.10, and lower gradea in proportion. Of hogs there were fair transactions in sraall lots, the market being brisk under a good local and shipping demand. Lots averaging 275 Ibs sold a $5.80 ; 200 Ibs, sold at $5.60 ; good quality o pigs, $5a$5.2ó. Sheep were ín fair deraand anc last week's prices well sustained. Although the day was intensely hot, trade did not appear in the least restricted by t, for the yards were al emptied. Mr. Adams bought one load of cattle averaging 1,100 lhs, at 3 l-2c ; also one load o light cattle, averaging 950 Iba, at 3 l-2c. Johi Downey bought 7 head of young cattle, averag ing 700 Iba, for $140 ; also 25 head, averaging 800 lbs, at $30 a head, and 24 head, averaging 750 lbs at $26 a head. The same party bough 170 hogs for 6c ; and 110 hogs, averagiug 196 lbs at Ï5.75. Kino's Cattle Yabes, Detkoit, Monday evening, Sept. 14. J CATTLE. Thesa yards were very well filled Sunday and this morning, but mostly with inferior cattle, and only the large well-fed stock sold with any degreo oi activity. The range of prices was about the same as last week for good cattle, others were dull and rather lower. We quote : Choice beeves, shipping steers and heifers, weighing from 1,200 to 1,500 Ib3. 14 50 a 5 00 Good butchers' steers and heifers, averagiug 1,000 to 1,100 lbs., 3 75 a 4 25 Working cattle, well f attened, averaging 1,000 to 1,500 lbs., 4 00 a 4 25 Cows, common to choice, 3 75 a 4 25 Stockers' and packers' medium steers, and heifers, in decent flesh, 800 to 1,000 lbs., 2 50 o 3 75 SHEEP. Thoro was considerable doing in small lots on Sunday, and quite a number changed hands Monday morning. Mr. Buford bought 207, averaging 75Ibs, at 3 l-2c ; C. Tucker 202, same weight, at 3 l-2c ; Tom Morey 85, averaging 75 1-2 lbs, for 4 l-2c. HOOS. Numerous small lots changed hands at about last week's piices, among them a lot of small pigs at 5c, and a lot of 20 fair sizod hogs, averaging 195 lbs, at 6 l-2o.


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