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Genesee Presbytery On Slavery

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The following resoluiioiis were unanitnout,]y passod by tlic Presbytery of Geneseo at their meeting at Gainsville, lat week : Resolved - That our delégales to ttíé General Assembly bodirected to use their influénce to procure n plain and explicit condeimialion by I he Assembly, óf tlie system of American slavery; either by re-enacting the testimony of 1818, or otherwise as may seem best in the wisdom of the Assombly. Resolved - Tliat they be further nstruqled to uso their inilucnco to have the ivord "Slave-holding," inserted nfter the ivord "iMnn-stealing," in ihe Larger Cat:chism, in the list of wrongs forbidden in he 8tli commandraent. The delégales appointed, are Joseph R. Tage, of Perry, and Dr. WoodruiT, oi 3yron.