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We have the proceedings of lhis body to the 22d uit. Their proceeding are of little interest to the general reader. Senatk, Jan. 21. - Mr. Bagby, in pursunnce ef notice, introduced a res'olution proposing certain amendments to the Constituiion of the United Statss, so as to extend the Presidential term to six years, and to estnblish anthoritively the "one-term principie" - to rerider the members of both houses during the time Ifor which they are elected, and for four years afterwards, ineligible to the office of President and Vice President - and to Tender membersofboth houses ineligible 1o the office of head of any of the departments. The objeet of the mover was stated to be the purification and security of the adminislration of the govèrnrnent, and his propositions certainly present matter ;for respectful consideration. The bill for the increasc of the navy -was made the 'special order for Tuesday next. House. - The attenlion of this body has been almost wholly occupicd by the Oregon question, and the contested election case from Florida. Both have been extensively discussed, without coming to a decisión on either.