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General Intelligence: A Problem: For Sentimental Young Ladie...

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lt is that therc are 20,628 studies ï in a single shirt. Wnile you ore moving down the giddy dance tothe voluptuous strain of music, ond the light of diamonds is finshing from your brows. and light of lovelier slieen from your huighing eyesy tliere are thousands of your sex and sisters, who are mnking shirts for niue pence a piece. The nights aro cold and long; and there is such athing as frost in the hovels of the poor, and hunger that ents through stone walls, and preys upon the hcart of woman. Believe it, ihough nn unromantic incident in the hmnan condition - there are thousands of delicate 'females, with wotnanly hearts in them, full of womanly affections, now plying their hrnumbed fingers at the ratc of sc nillsfora thousand slilchcs, tobtiy coarseIbread to fceap ihem nlive, to hiré a piüow on which to la y i-iici heads and obtarn a few Iiours merciful oblivion of their pitiiful destiny. # And these, but for circumslances bevond thcir control or accountability, would have vied with you for grace nnd beauty n tli? parlor, ot in the hall,; and have shown likejswcls of tho fust water n the dinuem of human soeiet) - Now suppose you take nn inventoiy of nll your enjoyrr.ents, of al! the articles of' your dress, furnilure, foo'd, fue', Sec, nnd see how many of thetn you coyld buv wifh the nioHoy paid to a seamstress for taking twenty thousandsiiteheson n shirt. 'Cegin, il' you please, with a bon, mutf, bonnet or shnw], and find htnv long it would take to pny for one of èach of these nt the rate at which thousands of your sisters are compellodto labor. Especially when you are out shopping, with papa's purse in your hand, Tèrnember tliis calculation. Have you purdiased a boa 'for $18, and returned delighted wilh your glossy treasue; tako your penciland solve this problem : If a soamstress takes 3000 stitches on yard in length, for 2 cents, what would be the lengih of the seam she would have to sew to buy a boa nt &18.? Problems of this kind would cultívate a lovelier sentimentaliiy in the hearts of susceptible yoting ladies,jhnn all the teariul novéis in the world - Ct. Cit."The property of Michigan, acccmling to váltration,Í8 $28,922,097.59. Tbat is about eeveir times as mnch gs herstaie indebtedness; and obout one fifth. ns nuicl ns the House of the Rothschilds is worth ; and is abotit eqaal to the individual wculth of John Jncob Astor. Problem for the Young Dcmocrar.y. - if.Slavery is consistent vvith the republic=&n principie, and if onc sixth of the population of a Republictnay be sold on the auction block like cattle, would such a government ceaso to be republicnn when the slaves had increased to five sixths of the population? Flogging in the liritish Army and J'avy. - It appears by parliamontary remrns, tliat in the five jears 1839 to 1843 inclusive, íloging in the army and navy was iuflicted on Britisli soldiere;, Beamen, and marines, in 14,813cnse?, being at the rale of 216 cases of corporal punishment in every monih of the nferesaid period. At the late Ctbi meeting in Illinois, the following resolution was oiTered: 'Resolved. Thnt if the president of the Unitod States should purchase Cuba, Illinois will plcdgc her State faith and uneuüied honor, to pay her proporUon of the purchase money.' The people of Illinois are cunning ; ihey want to get Cuba for nothing.