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The Cadi's Stratagem

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I. A pious widow's cottage chanced to stand Hard by the Calif's palace ; aud he sought For his own use to buy her bit of land ; But all in vain- the land couldnot be bought! II. " It was my husband's home," the womaH said : " Who, dyiug, left it to his loviug wiíe ; Here will I dweil, in honor of the dead ; Nor part with it until I part with life ! " III. The haughty Calif's anger knew no bound, That thus the dame withstood him to his face ; By torce he razed her cottage to the ground, Aud built a grand pavilion in its place. IV. Straight to the Cadi then the woman goes, And aska for justice at his Honor's hand ; " Lea ve me awhile," the Cadi said, and rose ; ' Allah is great, and hears your just demand ! " V. Then, with an empty sack he took his way To the pavilion ; where he chanced to meet The Calif at his door. " Great sir ! I pray A líttle of the earth beneath your feet. VI. "Euougli to íill," the Cadi said, "this sack." "'Tis grautod," said the Calif, laughing loud. " Now please to put the load upon my back, Most potent Priuc," and reverently bowed. VU. "Nay," said the Calif, "I should surely tail Should I essay to lift a load so great ; For such a task my strength would not avail ; A potter would be crushed beueath the weight !" VIII. " Priuce of believers," said the Cadi then ; " If this be even so, how wilt thou fare In the great day of final judgment, when The weight of all this land thou hastto bear ?" IX. The Calif, stricken with remorse, exclainied, "Allah is Allah ! Be his uamed adored ! For wit and wisdom thou art justly famed ; This day sliall see üie widow's land restored. X. " And for the wrong I did the woman's land, In tearing down her house, I thus atone ; This fine pavilion in its place shall stand ; For with the soil the building is her own."


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