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It ia to be regretted that while society cominands and business compels that rudeness be banished and harahness and querulousness be repressed, yet in the comparativo retirement of home, groater freedoin is allowed ; and some " Lortis of' Creation" display their tyranny, while the amiable belles of society, who, when bent on conqueats, never forget that " A low, soft voice is an excellent thing in woman," yet here, on the slightest provocation, speak in a tone sufficient to arouse the seven sleepers, while their juniors are allowed the largest license; and, in short, home is treated soniewhat as we do rainy days, when out in our worst habiliments and feel in our surliest mood. Does the charming Lillian Matilda ever remember, the honeymoon having passed, as she languidly takes her plaoe at the breakfast table, with her hair in ourl papéis, crumpled collar, and inorning-robe, lookiug aa though washing was included among the lost arts, the tirne wheu hy8terics would have ensued should her intended have chanced to rind her in such dishabille ? Does she imagine, as, with petty gossip, continuous murmuring, or angry worda about trifles, she taxes her husband's patience, that human affection can withstand all shocks, or love and respect never be destroyed P It certainly never occurs to her, as, with loftiest disdain, she addresses her servauts, paya no attention to their wants or sorrows, and looks upon them merely as beings permitted to live merely to serve her, that " Of one blood God created all the nations of the earth," and that " all we are brethren." Nor does Adolphus Charles remember the rules laid down in oourting days, as "company being absent," he leisurely srnokes his cigar in the cosy parlors and labors under the delusion that carpeta were woven for spittoons. It is nianií'estly unknown to hitn that mantel-pieces were not intended tor íootstools, neither were boot jacks originally designed for parlor ornaments. He is disposed to forget that loud yawning is not considered essontial to good breeding; and that magnanimously to surrender your favorite newspaper or magazine to some relativa is a oardinal virtue. And it niust bo confessed that when unkindly deolaring that his wife's now bonnet is " a perfect fright" and her taste inconiparably inferior to Mrs Jones' her cofl'oe denoininated " uauseating," and hei favorite pudding " perfectly disgusting," his opinions have changed, although she may really have improved in dress and household management since the time when all she wore was declarad " lovely" and her cooking " irresistible." Phreiwlogical Journal. " Be careful how you drink, or you'll wash the color frorn your oheeks," said a gentleman at a fashionable jarty, us he handed a glass oí' water to a lady. " There is no danger of your ever taking watar enough to remove the color froni your face," was the good natured retort. It is reported that George Mucdonald, the novalist and poet, who was so hospitably received here last year, hus determined to remove permanently to this country.


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