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Bishop Morris' Last Words To The Church

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The following is the letter which Bishop Morris addressed to the Cincinnati Conference a few days before he died : Deab Brethken - I wiBh to say a few word8 to you in regard to my health and some other matters. The 28th of last April I entered my 81st year. I have but littlñ pain or sicknesa for one of iny age. I sleep well. My digestión is excellent, and apart from the infirmities incident to my time of Ufe, and, having served my day and generation as God has given me ability, I ani now resting in the quietude of my home ; true, I am no longer able to go in and out before you, to sit in your councils, aud take part in your deliborations, yet my heart and sympathy are with you ; aud for Zjou's prosperity my tears shall fall and my prayers asoeuci uutil my release is signed, and I go to join the church triuinphant in the skies. " As to my religious enjoyment it is not incroased by exeniption from labor, but rather the eontrary. This, however, is what I expected, and I find it requires more grace to suffer than to do the will of my Heavenly Father. But, although this is the case, I am by no means destitute of enjoymeut No, dear brethren, I find the religión I so long preached to others is able to bring peace and assurance to the heart in retiremcnt as well as in the heat of battle, leading forth the conquering hosts to certain viotory. Thank God for the Christian's hope ! It comforts and sustains amid all the vicissitudes of life, and to the trusting heart makes bright the future. In reviewing the past I have only this to say, that God has been very good to me. Most of my associutes in the ministry, as well as many loved ones, have passed away. I yet linger on the shore, and soon expect to cross the river. I am nearing the Jordán, aud in the course of nature can not stay here much longer; but beneath me are the everlasting arme, and, through the riohes of grace in Jesus Christ, my Lord, I hope to safely anchor in the harbor of eternal rest. In all probability this is the last time I shall address you. Before another session of your conference I may be safely home. Therefore, in conclusión, permit me to say, dear brethren, live for God ; preach Christ and Hèm crucified. Seek not the applause of men, or the honor that cometh from the world ; but so live that in the gret day of accounts, you can say, " Here am I, and the soul Thou hast given ine." Praying the Great Head of the Church to direct in all the deliberations of the present session of conference, I am, dear brethren, yours fraternally,


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