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When the "Te Deum " for the victory was celebrated, Thiers and MacMahon both attended the solemn ceremony in the church at Versailles, two arm chairs had been placed near the high altar, one for Madame, the wife of the MarBhal, and the other for Mme. Thiers, wife of the President of the Eepublic. Mme. MacMahon, born Duchess of Castree, understood her position, and knowing that the right was the place of honor, modeatly seated herself on the lef t. While the Duohess was still kneeling Mme. Thiers arrived. " Dear Madame, your chair is on the other 8ide !" " You are too good, Madame ! Eeally I cannot consent." " Take it, I beg." " Since you desire ; but really you embarrass me !" And Mme. MacMahon roso froin her knees and betook herself to the right and continned her prayers, while Mme. President Thiers knelt ostentatiously at the left. The ceremony over, Mme. McMahon expressed her acknowledgments for the courtesy of Mme. Thiers. " You have nothing to thank me for," the latter replied. " You did not know, of cour8e, that when I carne in you were occupying my place !" " Your place ! On the loft, Mme. Presidente ?" " Certainly, Mme. Marshal, the Queens of Franca always placed themselves on the left ot the altar. It was the only place, indeed where the Queen did not seat herself on the right ; it is so in order that the Queen might be first under the hand of the Bishop, as he turns to give the benediction." The gratitude of Mme. MacMahon, born a Castree, for the lesson of royal etiquette which the daughter of M. Dosno had condecended to give her may be imaginod. - Gen. Iteclus, in tlie GaUtxy for October. The newspaper editor who knows everything and only publishes that which ought to be known, has never yet been found. The man or woman who never reads a paper in which they do not find something to condemn, is too amiable for this beautiful world.


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