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After Zack Chandler

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From the Grand Bapids Times. There is more in the obscure notice publisbed in last evening's Eagle of a new (hiily published here than appeara on the Burface. Thia means a powerful and wideapread warfare against the re-elect.iou of Zack Chandler to the Senate. - The men who back thi8 movement are no local ringmen. It is the beginning of a revolution in the Eepublican ranks in Michigan. It ia a protest against the prostitution of the party to plunder and iorruption, a prostitution which the opposition has charged and of which this movement is an equivalent admission. We have no care to discuss here whether the Republican party can thus be purified, although the acknowledgment of sin is the sinequa non of salvation. Itisenough for us that this movement is auxiliary to the reformatory revolution now going on in the public mind, and as such we rejoice to see it. And who are the men backing this movement? Solomon L. Withey, United States Diat. Judge ; Edward P. Ferry, brother of the Senator; James H. Stone. who quit the Kalamazoo Telegraph rather than support the oorrupt J. C. Burrowa ; Moreau S. Crosby, decapitated in the Kent Senatorial Convention for refusing to pledge himself to Chandler ; Thos. D. Gilbert, President of the First National Bank ; Becj. A. Harían, Judge of Probate for Kent County. BesideB, there are many other mon whose Republieanism ia unquestioned, and who love their principies more than they love plunder. Mr. Foster, of the Saturday Evening Post, is a 8ubscriber to the $00,000 stock to be raised, and the new paper will in all probability absorb that concern. The new paper will surely sail n unless A. B. Turner sails out Potsibly the Eagle niay be converted from the error of its ways and its type, and be rebaptized to the uses of purity and truth. Nous verrón.


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