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New Yoek, Ootober 2. - Tho followiug is a Boston special to the Tribune : Boston, Ootober 1. - The following appears in the evening edition of the llerald : I well know the opposition I shall meet with in giving the following facts to the public. I, and I alone, am responsible for the statement I am about to make. - The question isasked, whatis Butlerism ? It is chicanery, fraud, corruption. For three years, as a United States officer, in Government hours, and using Government time, I have done that for the Butler party which at this moment brings a blush of shame to niy face. I have gone to New Bedford, Lawrenee, Pall River, Salem, and other places, and have used the power I possessed as United States officer to intimídate men in the liquor business into working and votingfor Benjamin F. Butler. I have, while an officer, packed the caucuses in Boston, and the other places mentioned above, in the interest of Butler. I well know that Butler, with all the power he has, will endeavor, as 'nis leaders have stated, to crush me, but fearlessly I give to the public these facts, and hold myself personallv responsible for what I say. 1 have received money from United .States Marshal Usher and other Butler men to carry on the nefarious work of Butlerism. - While in New Bedford, just before the Butler caucuses last year, I received money from the hands of his partner to carry the caucuses there, and the money was used for that purposo. I received money from Usher to go to Fall River and pack caucuses for Butler. 1 stand ready, as a youug man, formerly a strong Butler man, to take the stump in any place between tbe bilis of Berkshire and the shores of Provincetown to proclaim to the State the rotten mess of corruption that filis to repletion the Butler organization. I well know that I shall be accused of treachery and falsehood, 'out I stand ready to meet any Butler man on any platform, in any place in this State, and discuss the merits of Butlerism. They will cali me insane, perhaps, but every man who knows me and knows my record as a soldier and citizen, will say I mean just what I say, and have the courage to back it up at any time and in any place. I hold myself personally responsible for every word I utter, and it is my earnest wish to speak before tho people of Salem as soon as possible on this matter. I shall be attacked on every side by Butler men, who have been my friends ; but with truth on my side, and possessing the pluck to speiik, I defy theni one and all, and I now throw down mv eraee.


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