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In another column will be found the proceedings of the Democratie County Convention, held on Wednesday. It will not need a very careful reading to show that, as usual, there were more candidates than offices, or to use one of Mr. Lincoln's homely phrases, "More pegs than holes to put them in." It will also be seen that, in some cases, the contest was very close, as well as results not indicated by first voting. But the figures the reader may study for himself. Of the successful candidates before the convention, now the candidates before the people, we have but space for a few words. Jeremiah D. Corey, named for Senator, is and has been for many years, say two score or more, a resident of Manchester. Like his Republican competitor, he is a farmer and a Granger. He is a man of intelligenee and reading, an active worker, and of good judgment. He has served in the House, and if elected will honestly and faithfully represent his constituency. He must be elocted. Miciiael Fleming is the present Sheriff, and the unanimity with which he was renominated is a sufficient commendation of him, botïi as a man and officer. He has made as faithful, correct, and honorable a Sheriff as the ocunty ever had. That is saying enough. Peter Ttjite, the candidato for Clerk, is no stranger to his constituents. He made an excellent Register some years ago, and will make as good a Clerk for the next two years. William Hanke, nominated for Treasurer, is a Bridgewater Germán, and that ia a guarantee both of his Democracy and his competency. If elected he will make an honest offioer. Charles S. Woodard, the candidate for Register, is one of the most thoroughly competent men in the county, and as gentlemanly as he is competent. A surveyor and civil engineer he is just the man for the plice. His popularity is proven by the popularity of his defeated opponent. Robert E. Frazer has before held the office of Prosecuting Attorney, and faithfully discharged its duties. He is a good lawyer, and we need not vouch for his politics. He had a close shave in the convention, but will win before tbe jury of the people. It is needloss to detail the merits of Messrs. Gott and Babbitt, nominees for Circuit Court Commissioner, or to introduce them to a constitueney they have served in the same capacity before. For Coroners the convention pitted two doctors, Messrs. Kapp, of this city, and Ashley, of Ypsilanti, against the two Republican doctors; two good men to hold an inquest on the defeated Republican candidates - say about the evening of November 3d. The ticket is as well distributed as one could possibly be, and as a whole ought to cominand the entire vote of the party. - For the defeated candidates we may say that they are " out of the woods," and will do good service in the ranks. Mr. Waldron told the intelligent Republicans of this county on Tuesday, that "the recent White League revolt in Louisiana was an attempt to overthrow, by violence, the legally elected government of that State." Mr. Waldron is the firgt man of note who has had the assuance to declare that Kellogg was legally elected. Mat. Carpenter did not so find, neither did those Senators and Representatives who served with Senator Cakpenter on the committee having the investigation in charge. The beBt the facile and determined Morton could do was to make him the de facto Governor ; and it is notorious, and known to all half-way intelligent men, that he holds office by virtue of the iuterference of, and usurped powers exercised by Judgo Durell. "Legally elected!'1 Bah! Ijí AXNOUNCING the vote pending for Senator in the Bepublican County Convention, on Tuesday, "Uncle Andrew," who presided, said, " we are uow to nominato a man to represent us among those edicated cusses' up stairs." And Andrea Campbell, the selected man, in accepting the nomination, said he had reason to be proud of the University, and that he should coasider it a privilege as well as duty to have in view her interest as well as the educational interests of the State in general. On Tuesday next, eleotions for State offioerg or members of Congress (in some States both), takes place in tho following, States : Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, and West Virginia. Arkansas also votes on the new Constitution as well as for State officers under it.


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