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- A Brooklyn grand jury has indicted both Moulton and Tilton for eritninally libeling Henry Ward Beecher. AmoDg the lawyers named as to particípate ara : for the prosecution, Senator Conkling, W. M. Evarts, John Graham, and John K. Porter ; for the defense, Senator Carpenter, Oen. Butler, Judge Fullerton, David Dudley Field, and others. A motion for a chango of venue is to be made : to Albany or Westchester. - It íb intimated that Andrcw Campbell, the Republican candiJate for Senator, is not a Chandler man. Perhaps that is what he alluded to when he protested against being instructed. It is also intimated that he is inclined to favor the claims of Childs as Chandler's succo8sor. Just what might be expected after the Adrián arrangement. That Waldron delégate must have told us the truth. - As we anticipated, Zack Chandler preached the same threadbare sermón at the Opera House on Saturday evening last, and quoted the same text to prove bis assertion that the Liberal Republioan party is of ancient origin, in fact was bom in the "caye of Adullam", David being its head. Soine men never will learn, and Zack is one of 'em. - It was too bad in the Ypsilanti Sentinel to kick up such a fuss over the proposed noinination of Col. Lee by the Republicans of this district. Both " organs" had, for a wonder agreed that he was just the man, and then the Sentinel raust drive him from the field, by proving him a know-nothing of the wants of the district. - Waldron has one rival in defending the legitimacy of the Kellogg regime in Louisiana. He runs the Allegan Journal, and prates of " the de jure Eepublican State governinent of Louisiana. Even Zack Chandler, in his Opera House speech, didn't go as far. He was satisfied with the title de facto government. - Miss Maria Ewing Sherman, daughter of Gen. Sherman, was inarried at Washington on Thursday of last week, to Lieut. Thos. W. Fitch, of the United States Navy. The wedding was a brilliant affair, and " Jenkins" has fairly reveled in his element. ■ - W. F. Hewitt, " Reform" candidate for State Treasurer, having withdrawn the State Committee of that organization has substituted Joseph M. Sterling, the Democratie nominee, in his plac. The same committee refused to accept the declination of Chas. S. May, the committee's nominee for Attorney-General. - And this is how the Toledo Commercial (Rep.) hits Gen. Butler a brotherly dig in the ribs : " Collector Simmons has withdrawn from politics. Brother Simmons deserts Butlerism. Is it a case of 'rats,' Benjamin." The Repttblican County Convention was held on Tuesday, and the following ticket nominated : For Senator - Andrew Campbell. For Sheriff- David Edwards. For Clerh- William N. Stevens. For Treasurer - Stephen Fairchild. For Register of Deeds - Godf rey Schaffer. For Prosecuting Attorney - Edward P Allen. For Circuit Court Commissioners- John F. Lawrence, Frank Emerick. For Coroners-Dr. William F. Breakey, Dr. Bennett F. Root. For County Suneyor - John K. Yokum. Those marked with a star are the present incumbents of the offices for which they are named, an1 it is but justice to say that they have made good officers. Mr. Edwards, the nominee for Sheriff, is one of the best known of Ypsilanti's business men, having resided there since 1838. We believe, however, that he has had no experience as Sheriff, Deputy or Constable, which will make the duties of the office entirely new to him. The candidate for Senator, Mr. CampBELL, is a farmer of fair ability, and was nominated because he is a Granger, being the " sop" thrown to that organization, and designed to appease the wrath of Mr Childs and bis friends, for so summarily shelving him for Congress. We may have more to say of his fitness at another time. - The same day the Representativa District Convention was held, and Ezea D. Lay, of Ypsilanti, imanimously nominated. Mr. Lay is an old citizen of excellent reputation, has had large experience 8S a Supervisor, runs in a heavy Republican district, and of course expects to be elected. The Hon. (or Rev.) Zack Chandler has filled a seat in the United States Senate now nearly eighteen years, one-half of which term has been since the close of the "war of the rebellion." The Hon. Henry Waldron has oceupied (and tried to fill) a seat in the House now nearly ten years, six of the ten years being since the close of the aforesaid " war of the rebellion." And yet Messrs. Chandler and Waldron confoss that thev, with their eminent Republican associates in either house, have proved themselves utterly incompetent to " reconstruot" the Union, or to restore or preserve order in the South. Yet confessing this each is asking another term, one of bíx years and the other of two ; evidently that they may aid in keeping open the gaping wounds. Is it not time that new men were tried, and a new policy inaugurated? We have always been taught to believe (?) that the Republican party was peculiarly a party of " great moral ideas,' and that its membors one and all were innocent of any knowledge of .that game which Ah Sin didn't undorstand or of any other demoralizing games of " keerds." And yet the presiding officer of the late Republican County Convention ignored both Jefferson's and Cushing's Manuals, and conducted the proeeedings of the convention " nccording to Hoyle." Upon what evil times have we fallen. Mr. Campbell, the Republican caiididate for Senator, informed the convention which nominated him, that he wished to go uninstructed, that he wished to be left tree to exerciso bis own judgment concerning all measures, that he had no desire to infringe upon the personal rights or tastes of others, but at the same time he was pledged that the odor of tobacco nor the fumes of whisky ehould never soil his breath. Well, then, will he be able to swallow Zack Chandler, at leaat without a speedy resort to some deodorizing dentrifice f


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